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Daniel Fried Interview on Kosovo

First with the lies. U.S. Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs, Daniel Fried continues to perpetuate the Clinton era politically correct misrepresentations about Kosovo. Remember - the 'ethnic Albanians' were not a poor, oppressed minority in Kosovo, they were Muslim immigrants who systematically drove Serbians out of Kosovo by using intimidating, violence and murder.

The background is that old Yugoslavia disintegrated in the '90s through a series of civil wars. It was Serbian nationalism which was principally though not wholly responsible for the disintegration. [Ed: "Serbian nationalism" = Serbian citizens who dared to strike back at Islamic terrorists. The disintegration of old Yugoslavia was the sole responsibility of Muslim immigrants. This is the same tactic used by Palestine. They attack Israel, and then when Israel retaliates, the Palestinian government reacts with outrage, blaming Israel rather than the Muslim militants who initiated the exchange.]

In 1989 the Serbian strong man started a policy of repression in Kosovo. In 1999 NATO was forced to intervene to protect the Kosovo Albanian population from oppression, and the UN has administered Kosovo ever since. [Ed: this crackdown was in direct response to genocide being committed by Muslim Albanians against the Serbian population.]

This year after over a year of failed negotiations, the United States and almost all European countries decided that the time had come to recognize reality and to recognize Kosovo's independence. That's what happened over the weekend. Now we're working with the new Kosovo government to get that country stood up, and that government is doing the right thing and the responsible thing to protect all of the minorities including the Serbs to write these protections into law and its constitution. So we're working with them. [Ed: "them" being Islamic terrorists who were formerly leaders of the Kosovo Liberation Army.] The good news is with the exception of the Serb instigated violence in the north of the country, the rest of Kosovo is peaceful, and the government is doing the right thing.

Fried goes on to expose America's hypocrisy when it comes to Kosovo:

Well, this is the last act of what has been a series of ethnically based [Ed: Correction - religiously based] civil wars and as I said, driven principally though not exclusively by Serbian nationalist extremists, [Ed: WTF about the ISLAMIC extremists who slaughtered thousands in an attempt to ethnically cleanse Kosovo of all Serbians?!] and Kosovo's independence is, I hope, the last act in the breakup of Yugoslavia.

I think what you saw yesterday was not simply an authentic outbreak of anger, it was also the result of some incitement by Serbian government ministers who have irresponsibly and reprehensibly suggested that violence is legitimate. [Ed: This is more condemnation than the United States has ever issued to Islamic countries for provoking deadly Muslim protests throughout the world. Apparently, the legitimate and understandable anger displayed by Serbians is somehow worse than deadly Islamic riots by Muslims angered over cartoons.]

As my blood pressure rises, Fried continues with more propaganda and bullsh*t:

Kosovo has had elections, democratic ones. [Ed: No, the majority Muslims have placed KLA Islamic terrorists into power.] It's got a parliament, it's got a government. It's setting up ministries, and the United States is helping it. It's a mostly Moslem country. It's also very pro-Western, very pro-American, [Ed: To Fried, the uneducated, this is called "Taqiyya."] and they say their objective is to be part of Europe, and we want to see them get there.

Before my blood pressure explodes a vein, I'm going to leave it with one more quote from the article. The complete interview, lies and all, can be read at the link provided below.

In this segment, a caller correctly compares the break up of Serbia by uncontrolled immigration to that of the United States southwest:

Caller: I'm curious as to what Mr. Fried would say if Texas decided to break away from the United States, and if the basis of that was the large Hispanic population that is growing in the southern part of the United States. I find the role that the United States is playing in the breakup of different countries around the world quite interesting. It seems to me what's good for the goose is good for the gander, and I find it rather odd that we take these positions about countries that are trying to keep together and that we encourage their breakup. So I wonder what he has to say about that. Thank you.

[Ed: Frieds entire response to this caller is complete BS. The break up of Serbia is a precedent, which is why countries like Russia and Canada oppose Kosovo independence. Russia is facing it's own Islamic separatists, and Canada has similar issues with Quebec. The caller above was right on - if illegal immigration can saturate a territory to the point the illegal immigrants make up a majority of the population, any country with shared borders is at risk.]

Assistant Secretary Fried: The caller is just wrong. We don't consider that Kosovo is a precedent for any other situation in the world. As a rule, far from encouraging breakup of countries, we tend to oppose breakup of countries, and we don't favor separatist movements. We don't think that Kosovo is a precedent for any other separatist movement. Not in Europe, not in North America, nowhere. Nowhere. Not Texas, not Quebec, not anywhere.

The fact is, Kosovo is unique. It was the United Nations, in fact, that ended Serbia's rule over Kosovo in 1999 under the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244. The UN has administered Kosovo. That resolution looked forward to Kosovo's final status being settled and that's what we've done.

So the caller is simply wrong about the history and wrong about U.S. policy. I hate to be blunt, but that's the fact.

Read the rest: - Daniel Fried Interview on Kosovo

See that logo spray painted on the church columns? That's the symbol of the KLA, the so-called 'freedom fighters' America "rescued". So oppressed they were, burning down churches and urinating on the ruins, we had to save them from the Serbian civilians who forced them to rape, behead, torture, maim, mutilate, slaughter, etc, etc...

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SoteriA said...

GREAT article. I'm gonna spam this one everywhere i can think of :)

Arius said...

The pathetic Daniel Fried can rot in hell.

Anonymous said...

"The disintegration of old Yugoslavia was the sole responsibility of Muslim immigrants."

Self evident nonsense easily rebutted and refuted by the facts of sesession of Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia and Montengro. Or areSlovenes, Croats, Macedonians and Montenegrins also "Muslim"?
And there is not a single shred of evidence of large amoutns of "Muslim immigrants" coming into Yugoslavia from Albania after WWII, especially when considering the fact how Albania, considering that Albania's borders were tightly closed at that time from all directions.

""them" being Islamic terrorists who were formerly leaders of the Kosovo Liberation Army"

The KLA has NEVER designated itself as a religion based organization, nor was it designated as such by the government of Yugoslavia. It only became designated as such in the post 9/11 world by Serbian propagandists, mostly for purposes of propaganda for external consumption by Westerners who would see Islamic jihadism behind every tree even when none is present, who in their turned faithfully parroted this propaganda. The KLA had Albanians of both Muslim and Catholic bakcgrounds, who were equally committed to its cause. All this is not to say that the KLA didn't do it's share of bad stuff that is worthy of condemnation and it's perpetrators worthy of punishment, but to present it as an "Islamic terrorist" organization is to simply twist the facts. And crying foul over "political correctness" because such blatant twisting of history is not accepted by any serious Balkan analyst will not change this simple historical reality.

" this crackdown was in direct response to genocide being committed by Muslim Albanians against the Serbian population"

There is not a shred of evidence of "genocide being committed by Muslim Albanians against the Serbian population" outside of lunatic denialist Serb nationalist sources. Using individual, disorganized cases of Albanian-on-Serb violence does NOT constitute "genocide", and labeling it as such only constitutes to cheapen the word and render it meaningless.

"Correction - religiously based"

Again, blatant twisting of history.

" The break up of Serbia is a precedent, which is why countries like Russia and Canada oppose Kosovo independence"

"WTF about the ISLAMIC extremists who slaughtered thousands in an attempt to ethnically cleanse Kosovo of all Serbians?!"

Those "ISLAMIC extremists" did not exist. They are a mere figment of Serbian propagandists who manufactured them after 9/11 to convince Westerns who don't know any better that what motivated the Albanians lack of desire to be under political control of Belgrade is the same mindset that motivated the 9/11 terrorist attacks.