Monday, January 28, 2008

The Savage Nation On Bill Clinton & The Kosovo War

Bill Clinton is responsible for the murder of countless civilians. His administration, the biased media, and the liberal left have hidden this fact from the American people. The shameful attack on Kosovo is one of the most important - yet least understood - events in modern Jihad. It is imperative that the truth is exposed.

The video below talks about the Clinton lies in regard to the Kosovo War. The first 2 minutes and 25 seconds are about Jesse Jackson receiving the Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian award, and second only to the Medal of Honor. After that, Savage disputes all the lies the Clinton Administration told about the Kosovo War:

More on the Kosovo War and Clinton Lies:

Mr. Clinton says he wants peace through war, and has attacked a nation that is no threat to America or to any of its neighbors. The conflict in Kosovo has arisen because Slobodan Milosevic (like Joseph Tito before him) failed to secure Yugoslavia's border with Albania. The resulting strife helped each of them centralize power. Worse than the deliberate obscuring of facts about the history of this conflict is that NATO's attack has silenced the democratic critics of Milosevic and caused all Serbians (and increasingly, all Slavs) to rally to the defense of their embattled nation.

From 1960-90 Tito turned a blind eye as an influx of Albanians drove Serbs from Kosovo. The immigration was pushed by the Stalinist regime of Enver Hoxha that had reduced Albania to current penury and made it a pariah among nations. Since Hoxha, Albania has lacked government in any real sense. The main powers there have been the Saudis and Iranians. Its economy has consisted of arms and drug smuggling and a series of ruinous pyramid schemes and lotteries. This sordid history is available but ignored by major western media and governments who have abandoned national interests for a global agenda that finds ready allies in radical and expansionist Islam.



A said...

If Hillary becomes President of the US then the Clinton/Bush anti-Serb Balkan agenda will continue unabated.

Even if Hillary loses all the other candidates will pick up the agenda to some degree. The only hope for Serbia is Russia.

1389 said...

I took the liberty of copying and reposting this article here. I hope you don't mind. Anyway... it links back to you, and you are in my blogroll.

DMartyr said...

Thank you for reposting, friend. It is important to get the truth out. I tried commenting, but kept getting an 'internal' error message. So I submitted it at Digg instead. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you mate, whoever you are, I am happy to find an American who understands this phony war. I was temporarily in USA at that time, completely new to these affairs. Never the stories in CNN added up. Asides a bunch of garbage, the day before the invasion they found a mass grave of 30 people. Would you bomb a country tomorrow, for 30 burried people found today ? Who killed them is yet unknown. The Lone American who was not enthused about this was John McCain. Rest all on TV were patriotic scoundrels. One Network took a physically handicapped person to Albania, and Oh Boy....He was soaking in human misery when American missiles were hiting belgrade. Never in life I have seen such a fraud. I have been suspicious of the American bubble since Bill Clinton sold the "power Keg" using the media.

If only millions of ordinary Americans bothered to expose that fraud during then, I am sure the frauds would have been less powerful, John McCain would have own the presidency. [ Nothing against Pres Obama, just that his resume had two many flaws to survive free news cycles] BTW As you can see I am no replubican, neither much stake in Am elections. It is about a small question mark on America, a Big question mark on one's one beliefs about human efforts, vs human cheats.