Friday, March 7, 2008


Coming soon to a town near YOU!

Islam uses blasphemy laws to harass and persecute non-Muslims and 'heretical' Muslim minorities:

The elderly man belongs to the Ahmadiyya, a Muslim religious movement condemned as heretical in 1974. With perhaps as many as 3 million followers, especially in Punjab, the Ahmadi community has suffered from harassment and persecution.

According to police, a student saw Altaf Husain rip pages out of a Qur‘an last Monday and throw them on the ground. When he shouted at him to stop, the old Ahmadi ran off.

Conversely, members of the Ahmadi community said that Altaf Husain was just reading the power meter outside his home when a madrassa student warned him that he was stepping on a page of the Qur‘an. The 80-year-old man failed to understand what the boy was saying when the latter began shouting, accusing him of blasphemy. Police arrived soon after and arrested the alleged offender.

The spokesman for the Ahmadiyya community, Saleem Ud-Din, told AsiaNews that the charges are baseless, that they are just a way to persecute Ahmadis. - An 80-year-old Ahmadi man arrested for blasphemy

The cruelty and barbarity of Islam once again bears it's ugly teeth. It is not enough to slaughter or execute thousands in the name of their demonic god Allah. The Muslim thirst for blood, torment and dying human flesh is never sated. Even an 80 year old man poses such a threat to their delicate Muslim 'sensibilities.' Lies, false accusations and the irrational demands of respect for printed paper and a pedophile prophet spur them into a feeding frenzy of hatred and savagery against fellow human beings.

With each passing day, with each passing atrocity committed in the name of "Allah," my disdain for Islam grows.

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