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The Peace Bus

I found this photoshopped gem at Common Sense Against Islam:

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'Enough Is Enough.'

The following is a speech by Geert Wilders, the maker of the film "Fitna". It was given in front of Holland's Parliament on, or around, March 15th 2008:

Madam Speaker, allow me, first, to express my sincere thanks to you personally for having planned a debate on Islam on the very day of my birthday. I could not have wished for a nicer present!

Madam Speaker, approximately 1400 years ago war was declared on us by an ideology of hate and violence which arose at the time and was proclaimed by a barbarian who called himself the Prophet Mohammed. I am referring to Islam.

Madam Speaker, let me start with the foundation of the Islamic faith, the Koran. The Koran's core theme is about the duty of all Muslims to fight non-Muslims; an Islamic Mein Kampf, in which fight means war, jihad. The Koran is above all a book of war, a call to butcher non-Muslims (2:191, 3:141, 4:91, 5:3), to roast them (4:56, 69:30-69:32), and to cause bloodbaths amongst them (47:4). Jews are compared to monkeys and pigs (2:65, 5:60, 7:166), while people who believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God must according to the Koran be fought (9:30).

Madam Speaker, the West has no problems with Jews or Christians, but it does have problems with Islam. It is still possible, even today, for Muslims to view the Koran, which they regard as valid for all time, as a licence to kill. And that is exactly what happens. The Koran is worded in such a way that its instructions are addressed to Muslims for eternity, which includes today's Muslims. This in contrast to texts in the Bible, which is formulated as a number of historical narratives, placing events in a distant past. Let us remind ourselves that it was Muslims, not Jews or Christians, who committed the catastrophic terrorist attacks in New York, Madrid and London; and that it was no coincidence that Theo van Gogh was brutally murdered by a Muslim, Mohammed Bouyeri.

Madam Speaker, I acknowledge that there are people who call themselves Muslims and who respect our laws. My party, the Freedom Party, has nothing against such people, of course. However, the Koran does have something against them. For it is stated in the Koran in Sura 2, verse 85, that those believers who do not believe in everything the Koran states will be humiliated and receive the severest punishment; which means that they will roast in Hell. In other words, people who call themselves Muslims but who do not believe, for example, in Sura 9, verse 30, which states that Jews and Christians must be fought, or, for example, in Sura 5, verse 38, which states that the hand of a thief must be cut off, such people will be humiliated and roast in Hell. Note that it is not me who is making this up. All this can be found in the Koran. The Koran also states that Muslims who believe in only part of the Koran are in fact apostates, and we know what has to happen to apostates. They have to be killed.

Madam Speaker, the Koran is a book that incites to violence. I remind the House that the distribution of such texts is unlawful according to Article 132 of our Penal Code. In addition, the Koran incites to hatred and calls for murder and mayhem. The distribution of such texts is made punishable by Article 137(e). The Koran is therefore a highly dangerous book; a book which is completely against our legal order and our democratic institutions. In this light, it is an absolute necessity that the Koran be banned for the defence and reinforcement of our civilisation and our constitutional state. I shall propose a second-reading motion to that effect.

Madam Speaker, there is no such thing as "moderate Islam".... As Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan said the other day, and I quote, "There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that's it." Islam is in pursuit of dominance. It wishes to exact its imperialist agenda by force on a worldwide scale (8:39). This is clear from European history. Fortunately, the first Islamic invasion of Europe was stopped at Poitiers in 732; the second in Vienna in 1683. Madam Speaker, let us ensure that the third Islamic invasion, which is currently in full spate, will be stopped too in spite of its insidious nature and notwithstanding the fact that, in contrast to the 8th and 17th centuries, it has no need for an Islamic army because the scared "dhimmis" in the West, also those in Dutch politics, have left their doors wide open to Islam and Muslims.

Apart from conquest, Madam Speaker, Islam is also bent on installing a totally different form of law and order, namely Sharia law. This makes Islam, apart from a religion for hundreds of millions of Muslims also, and in particular, a political ideology (with political/constitutional/Islamic basic values, etc). Islam is an ideology without any respect for others; not for Christians, not for Jews, not for non-believers and not for apostates. Islam aims to dominate, subject, kill and wage war.

Madam Speaker, the Islamic incursion must be stopped. Islam is the Trojan Horse in Europe. If we do not stop Islamification now, Eurabia and Netherabia will just be a matter of time. One century ago, there were approximately 50 Muslims in the Netherlands. Today, there are about 1 million Muslims in this country. Where will it end? We are heading for the end of European and Dutch civilisation as we know it. Where is our Prime Minister in all this? In reply to my questions in the House he said, without batting an eyelid, that there is no question of our country being Islamified.

Now, this reply constituted a historical error as soon as it was uttered. Very many Dutch citizens, Madam Speaker, experience the presence of Islam around them. And I can report that they have had enough of burkas, headscarves, the ritual slaughter of animals, so-called honour revenge, blaring minarets, female circumcision, hymen restoration operations, abuse of homosexuals, Turkish and Arabic on the buses and trains as well as on town hall leaflets, halal meat at grocery shops and department stores, Sharia exams, the Finance Minister's Sharia mortgages, and the enormous overrepresentation of Muslims in the area of crime, including Moroccan street terrorists.

In spite of all this, Madam Speaker, there is hope. Fortunately. The majority of Dutch citizens have become fully aware of the danger, and regard Islam as a threat to our culture. My party, the Freedom Party, takes those citizens seriously and comes to their defence.

Many Dutch citizens are fed up to the back teeth and yearn for action. However, their representatives in The Hague are doing precisely nothing. They are held back by fear, political correctness or simply electoral motives. This is particularly clear in the case of PvdA, the Dutch Labour Party, which is afraid of losing Muslim voters. The Prime Minister said in Indonesia the other day that Islam does not pose any danger. Minister Donner believes that Sharia law should be capable of being introduced in the Netherlands if the majority want it. Minister Vogelaar babbles about the future Netherlands as a country with a Judeo-Christian-Islamic tradition, and that she aims to help Islam take root in Dutch society. In saying this, the Minister shows that she has obviously gone stark raving mad. She is betraying Dutch culture and insulting Dutch citizens.

Madam Speaker, my party, the Freedom Party, demands that Minister Vogelaar retract her statement. If the Minister fails to do so, the Freedom Party parliamentary group will withdraw its support for her. No Islamic tradition must ever be established in the Netherlands: not now and also not in a few centuries' time.

Madam Speaker, let me briefly touch on the government's response to the WRR [Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy] report. On page 12 of its response, the government states that Islam is not contrary to democracy or human rights. All I can say to that is that things can't get much more idiotic than this.

Madam Speaker, it is a few minutes to twelve. If we go on like this, Islam will herald the end of our Western civilisation as well as Dutch culture.

I would like to round off my first-reading contribution with a personal appeal to the Prime Minister on behalf of a great many Dutch citizens: stop the Islamification of the Netherlands!

Mr Balkenende, a historic task rests on your shoulders. Be courageous. Do what many Dutch citizens are screaming out for. Do what the country needs. Stop all immigration from Muslim countries, ban all building of new mosques, close all Islamic schools, ban burkas and the Koran. Expel all criminal Muslims from the country, including those Moroccan street terrorists that drive people mad. Accept your responsibility! Stop Islamification!

Enough is enough, Mr Balkenende. Enough is enough.

(Thanks to for posting it, and a hat tip to commenter "Mackie" at Jihad Watch.)

Pat Condell Weighs In On "Fitna"

Pat Condell weighs in on the Muslim reactions to the short film, "Fitna":

But At Least They're Not Beheading Anyone...

A Russian doomsday cult is calling credit cards and bar codes 'satanic.' Their only demand - a cow.

Around 30 followers, including four children, from across Russia and neighboring Belarus met last October and barricaded themselves into a hillside to escape an apocalypse their preacher says is looming in either April or May.

"For us right now, what's most important is the children," said Alexander Yelatontsev, an official from Russia's Penza Oblast region, who has been the chief point of contact for the cult since the siege began.

"They have burned their passports and say that all plastic (credit) cards and strip codes on food packaging are the work of Satan," he told reporters.

Yelatontsev said the people underground were in contact with him regularly, and would accept food only if it had not been processed with modern factory equipment.

"Right now they are asking for a cow so that they can have fresh, boiled milk that is not processed," he said.

LiveLeak Puts "Fitna" Back Up!

LiveLeak has restored Fitna!

** 30/3/2008: Liveleak Update **

On the 28th of March was left with no other choice but to remove the film "fitna" from our servers following serious threats to our staff and their families. Since that time we have worked constantly on upgrading all security measures thus offering better protection for our staff and families. With these measures in place we have decided to once more make this video live on our site. We will not be pressured into censoring material which is legal and within our rules. We apologise for the removal and the delay in getting it back, but when you run a website you don't consider that some people would be insecure enough to threaten our lives simply because they do not like the content of a video we neither produced nor endorsed but merely hosted.

Sharia Emerging In Muslim Majority Kosovo

PRISTINA, Kosovo-A human rights group criticized Kosovo's justice system Friday, saying its failure to fairly and adequately prosecute criminals is to blame for its ongoing ethnic and political violence.

New York-based Human Rights Watch urged Kosovo's government and European overseers to improve Kosovo's "extremely weak" justice system.

The report came about a month after Kosovo declared independence from Serbia and as a 1,800-strong European Union rule of law mission, known as EULEX, began its deployment there.

"Kosovo's criminal justice system is broken," Holly Cartner, Human Rights Watch's director for Europe and Central Asia, said in a statement. "It's in urgent need of fixing and that will take a real commitment by the government and the EU."

The 34-page report criticized the system's insufficient police support for prosecutors and deep divisions between national and U.N.-appointed judges and prosecutors. It said prosecutors were suspicious of national officials' ability to conduct fair investigations and deliver unbiased verdicts in sensitive cases such as ethnic crimes, political violence and corruption.


It also reported widespread witness intimidation and lack of witness protection programs, as well as unfairly lenient sentences because of the intimidation of national judges who "are threatened and bullied by defendants, their relatives, or their supporters." - Kosovo's justice system `extremely weak'

Truth Comes Out About A Serbian "Attack"

The war in Bosnia started after the country's Muslims and Croats voted to split from Serb-led Yugoslavia, triggering a rebellion by the Bosnian Serbs. The conflict, which saw Europe's worst bloodshed since World War II, lasted until a U.S.-brokered peace deal was signed in 1995.

The attack on the army convoy happened as the Serb-dominated military was about to withdraw from the predominantly Muslim town of Tuzla as part of an agreement with Bosnian authorities. Bosnian authorities in Sarajevo have maintained in past years that the Serbian soldiers had fired first and the Bosnian troops acted in self-defense.


Krstic and Vukmirica told the Serbian war crimes court that the Yugoslav army soldiers were under strict orders not to provoke the Tuzla Muslim troops.

"We heard the first shots as soon as we moved," Krstic said. "And, then more and more, it was frightening, a rain of bullets from everywhere."

Vukmirica said he was in a medical truck when it was hit and set on fire.

"They were firing from everywhere," he said. "I broke the window with my hands but they got stuck."

Both Krstic and Vukmirica were seriously wounded in the attack. They were first taken to a hospital before being sent to prison where they stayed until they were exchanged for Muslim war prisoners several months later. - Witnesses recalls Bosnian Muslim butchering of Yugoslav army column

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Algeria: Evangelism The Same As Terrorism

The Religious Affairs Minister in Algeria has equated Christian evangelism with Islamic terrorism. That essentially means Muslims killing innocent people in the name of Allah is no worse than a Christian teaching others about Christianity.

The Ministers comments are in response to media inquiries concerning two Christians who were arrested for carrying Bibles.

Ironic particularly in light of Amari’s comment, Algerian authorities have begun comparing evangelization with terrorism in recent months.

“I equate evangelism with terrorism,” Religious Affairs Minister Ghoulamullah said in an article in L’Expression on February 12.

“I’ve asked the imams to remind the people that pastors don’t come to Algeria because they love the country, or because they love Christianity,” news service France24 reported Ghoulamullah as saying. “They come here to create minorities, which would give foreign countries a pretext to interfere in our internal affairs.”

An official report on Protestant activities in Algeria submitted to the Home Affairs Ministry warned of a “fierce attack” targeting the religion and unity of the country, according to local media.

Hudna Cleric Tests Old Tactics

Ever hear of the term "hudna"? It is an Islamic term. Muslim terrorists often call for a truce, or "hudna," when their enemies start to get the best of them in battle. Often, it is misinterpreted as a "peace" offering.

In the long run, many more people will die from hudna. The terrorists wreak havoc and destroy lives until weapons and supplies are diminished. They call for a temporary truce to 'negotiate peace.' Once the terrorists have re-armed themselves, they call off the truce or invent some asinine reason to accuse their opponent of 'violating' the truce. This pattern is repeated over and over again.

Ignorantly, the West and its allies in this war against terrorists are too happy to accept "hudna" over and over again:

The Iraqi government has welcomed an order by Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr to pull his fighters off the streets.

Government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh told Iraqi state TV in an interview that the decision is "positive and responsive."

Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us hundreds of times, we deserve what we get.

Vatican: Muslims Outnumber Catholics

Grim news.

What is most difficult to accept is that 1 in 5 people on earth choose to worship a man who was a sadistic murderer, a thief, a warmonger, a slave owner, a rapist, and a child molester.

What has humanity become?

Islam has overtaken Roman Catholicism as the biggest single religious denomination in the world, the Vatican said on Sunday.

Monsignor Vittorio Formenti, who compiled the Vatican's newly-released 2008 yearbook of statistics, said Muslims made up 19.2 percent of the world's population and Catholics 17.4 percent.

"For the first time in history we are no longer at the top: the Muslims have overtaken us," Formenti told Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano in an interview, saying the data referred to 2006. - Muslims more numerous than Catholics: Vatican

UPDATE: (04-01-08) Brian at has posted a Reuters update on this story HERE.

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You Are What You Eat...

"Common" misconceptions about Islam.

(And, no, this is not a joke or a satire or a parody. These are real 'misconceptions' from apparently very stupid tourists and answers from a real Muslim. For some bizarre reason his answers don't make me feel any safer traveling to an Islamic country...)

Misconception: Muslims are fundamentalists.

Answer: Every Muslim should understand the fundamentals of Islam, and should be a fundamentalist. I am proud to call myself a 'Muslim Fundamentalist'. I submit that every Muslim should be a terrorist. Just as the policeman strikes terror in the heart of the thief, so should every Muslim strike terror in the heart of the thief, the rapist and other anti-social elements! [Ed: Like... Equality? Free speech? Tolerance?]

Misconception: Going around the Kabah is idol worship.

The Muslims do not worship Kabah, only God, or Allah. While circumambulating the Kabah they chant: La Illa Ha Ill-lal-lah. (There is no object worthy of worship but Allah). The Kabah is for unifying Muslims at prayer. It would be chaotic if Muslims prayed in any direction they chose. [Ed: Riiiight. Imagine how confused everyone would be if they didn't know the direction everyone else was praying to...]

Misconception: Muslims are ruthless non-vegetarian people.

If no one eats meat the number of cattle will be uncontrollable. It will be a big problem about how to dispose of them. [Ed: Egad! We'd be overrun with wild cows if we didn't eat beef!]

Misconception: Muslims eat animals and behave like animals.

Muslims eat only herbivorous animals (animals that eat only plants, grass, leaves etc). These animals are peaceful animals, like goat, lamb etc. Therefore, we are peaceful people. [Ed: Err...]

Misconception: Muslims wrongly don't eat pork.

The pig is a filthy animal; it eats human excreta. It has to protective instinct for its female. It is a shameless animal. Therefore people who eat its flesh, have no shame if their females mate with other men. [Ed: "...Infidels wrongly eat BLTs, thus, they are wrongly filthy."]

From Travel & Culture Services, licensed by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of Pakistan.

Muslim Men And The Hijab

(Hat Tip: Jawa Report)

According to common Islamic thought, the hijab gives Muslim women dignity and respect, and protects them from the evil eyes of non-believers. Apparently, no one told these Muslim men the purpose of the hijab:

Fitna (Update)

According to a LiveLeak explanation, the video host has pulled "Fitna" due to threats from the "religion of peace." I have taken it upon myself to upload it at I'm not sure if it'll last there, but JewTube has been good about hosting other videos exposing radical Islam.

(WARNING! The follow video is about Islam. It contains graphic scenes of violence, courtesy of the Quran and the followers of the Religion of Peace.)

Muslims want you to make way for Islam,
but Islam does not make way for you.

The government insists that you respect Islam,
but Islam has no respect for you.

Islam wants to rule, submit, and seeks
to destroy our western civilization.

In 1945, Nazism was defeated in Europe.
In 1989, Communism was defeated in Europe.

Now the Islamic ideology has to be defeated.

Stop Islamisation.
Defend our freedom.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Muslim Persecution

"And slay [unbelievers] wherever ye find them, and drive them out of the places whence they drove you out, for persecution is worse than slaughter."
(Surah 2:191)

per·se·cute / [pur-si-kyoot]
–verb (used with object), -cut·ed, -cut·ing.

1. to pursue with harassing or oppressive treatment, esp. because of religion, race, or beliefs; harass persistently.

2. to annoy or trouble persistently.

When was the last time you persecuted a Muslim? If you are a Crusader like myself, you probably did so very recently.

You persecute Muslims whenever you mock their prophet (pig piss be upon him).

You persecute Muslims every time you reveal a historical fact about the formation of the world's most intolerant religion.

You persecute Muslims when you point out Muhammad (more pig piss be upon him) was a child-rapist or wife abuser. Muslims don't like to think of their perfect, shining example being a common, albeit, cruel criminal.

You persecute them when you expose the true nature and savagery of their prophet (mppbuh), who slaughtered countless innocents in his quest for power, and to fulfill his greed and lust.

You persecute Muslims every time you question 54-year-old Muhammad's (mppbuh) sexual relationship with a 9-year-old child, whom he molested for years prior.

You persecute Muslims when you condemn the Islamic treatment of women. In Islam, a woman is the possession of her husband, who is free to do as he pleases with her. He can treat her kindly, or beat her. It is his prerogative.

You persecute Muslims whenever you question the brutal, unjust punishments invoked by the Sharia. The Sharia is Allah's law, which Muslims view as perfect. It includes stoning to death women who cannot prove rape and simple monetary fines for Muslims who slaughter non-Muslims.

You persecute them when you express disgust at the practice of honor killings. Slaughtering (suspected) unchaste females is an Allah-given right to male Muslims. Whether she is truly guilty or not is irrelevant. The family's honor is more important than a young girl's life.

You persecute them when you hold Islam accountable for atrocities committed by Muslims in the name of Allah.

You persecute Muslims when you expose their lies and deceit. The tactic of deceiving non-Muslims is called "taqiyya" or "kitman".

You persecute them if you then question their integrity. Lying is forbidden in Islam. If you don't believe that, just ask a Muslim.

You persecute Muslims whenever you point out the fallacies of Qur'anic verses that profess godly knowledge of the universe.

You persecute Muslims when you remind them of the Satanic verses.

You persecute them if you draw a connection between Islam and terrorism.

You persecute them if you are a Zionist.

And you persecute Muslims if you dare to insult their faith. And for that, you deserve to be executed.

For persecution is worse than slaughter.

UN: No Racial Or Religious Profiling In Fighting Terrorism

Is it wrong to profile when a specific minority makes up a majority of terrorist attacks? The UN seems to think so:

The United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva has passed a resolution calling on states not to resort to racial, ethnic or religious profiling while countering terrorism.

First, lets define terrorism. The American Heritage Dictionary defines "terrorism" as The unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence by a person or an organized group against people or property with the intention of intimidating or coercing societies or governments, often for ideological or political reasons."

In other words, any use of violence, or the threat of violence, to promote an agenda is considered an act of terrorism.

According to the list of known religiously-based terrorist groups at Wikipedia, 28 out of a total of 32* religious terrorist organizations share the Islamic ideology. That's a whopping 87.5%! Keep in mind, that total does not include the portion of terrorist acts by that majority. But a visit to or simply scanning daily newspapers indicates that 87.5% are responsible for nearly all acts of terrorism currently being committed around the world.

Let's take a look at the FBI's Most Wanted Terrorists list:

Hmm, see any common characteristics among this group of men? If you said "young, Muslim males", you are a bigot and a racist. Go sit in a corner until you learn to be more tolerant.

I ask again, is it wrong to profile when a specific minority makes up a majority of terrorist attacks?

* 4 groups were excluded because, while all have been involved with violence at one point or another, only 32 systematically promotes or participates in the use of violence. The removed 4 have only one or two isolated acts of violence and/or intimidation that do not appear to be precipitated by group ideology.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


(WARNING! The follow video is about Islam. It contains graphic scenes of violence, courtesy of the Quran and the followers of the Religion of Peace.)

Muslims want you to make way for Islam,
but Islam does not make way for you.

The government insists that you respect Islam,
but Islam has no respect for you.

Islam wants to rule, submit, and seeks
to destroy our western civilization.

In 1945, Nazism was defeated in Europe.
In 1989, Communism was defeated in Europe.

Now the Islamic ideology has to be defeated.

Stop Islamisation.
Defend our freedom.

University Newspaper Apologises For Anti-Israel Diatribe

On March 20th, 2008, HonestReporting Canada exposed a university newspaper paper that justified the Mercaz Harav seminary terrorist attack in Jerusalem. Eight unarmed students, mostly children, were gunned down by a Palestinian terrorist.

Excalibur, a campus newspaper of York University, had written of the seminary:

"...The school has direct connections with the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), and its graduating students are those whom are committing a holocaust in Gaza in the Palestinians eyes."

The article goes on to suggest students at this seminary are being indoctrinated to hate an entire race of people, and staged protests inciting violence, not unlike the ragings of a certain, unnamed religious group:

"After this incident, thousands went out protesting in Jerusalem, cheering 'death to the Arabs!' Note here that they're wishing death to all Arabs whether they are Palestinians or not. This makes many understand, or at least assume, that the teachings of many of those whom have protested are against the Arabs as a whole, not just against the Palestinians."

The article has since been removed, but you can still read it here.

HonestReporting Canada is now reporting the campus newspaper has apologized.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Saddam paid for lawmakers' Iraq trip

(Source: AP) It appears some Democratic lawmakers may have a lot to answer for, as a new scandal involving Saddam Hussein has emerged. Federal prosecutors believe Muthanna al-Hanooti, a co-founder of FAAIR (Focus on Amrican and Arab Interests and Relations) and former public relations director for the Islamic Relief Association (a group with alleged connections to Hamas and al-Qaida), arranged for 3 members of US congress to visit Iraq in 2002, all expenses paid for by Saddam’s oil via his intelligence agency.

Although names are not mentioned, the dates would correspond to trips made to Iraq by Democratic Reps. Jim McDermott,  David Binior and Mike Thompson.

Wait a minute. You mean the Dems are somehow connected to the oil for food scandal?! Say it ain't so!

WSJ: 'Reasonable Men Respect Islam'

This Wall Street Journal author suggests "reasonable" men should not disrespect the "religious sensitivities" of Muslims. He goes on to write about the importance of free speech. But this author provides no clues as to where criticism should begin. Free speech isn't only about allowing the American Nazi Party to demonstrate or artwork that depicts a crucifix in urine. It also includes the right to criticize such offenses.

At what point is truth more important than "religious sensibilities"? At what point is free speech justified - nay, necessary - to expose evil? When do men become "reasonable" for questioning a 'faith' that encourages the abuse of women and children? A 'faith' that promotes warfare against those with different religious beliefs? Is it ever respectful for "reasonable" men to scrutinize a cult that imprisons, oppresses and murders those who are weaker?

According to Peter Hoekstra, free speech is something to be tolerated, and Islam is to be respected:

The Netherlands is bracing for a new round of violence at home and against its embassies in the Middle East. The storm would be caused by "Fitna," a short film that is scheduled to be released this week. The film, which reportedly includes images of a Quran being burned, was produced by Geert Wilders, a member of the Dutch parliament and leader of the Freedom Party. Mr. Wilders has called for banning the Quran -- which he has compared to Hitler's "Mein Kampf" -- from the Netherlands.

After concern about the film led Mr. Wilders's Internet service provider to take down his Web site, Mr. Wilders issued a statement this week that he will personally distribute DVDs "On the Dam" if he has to. That may not be necessary, as the Czech National Party has reportedly agreed to host the video on its Web site.

Reasonable men in free societies regard Geert Wilders's anti-Muslim rhetoric, and films like "Fitna," as disrespectful of the religious sensitivities of members of the Islamic faith. But free societies also hold freedom of speech to be a fundamental human right. We don't silence, jail or kill people with whom we disagree just because their ideas are offensive or disturbing. We believe that when such ideas are openly debated, they sink of their own weight and attract few followers.

Our country allows fringe groups like the American Nazi Party to demonstrate, as long as they are peaceful. Americans are permitted to burn the national flag. In 1989, when so-called artist Andres Serrano displayed his work "Piss Christ" -- a photo of a crucifix immersed in a bottle of urine -- Americans protested peacefully and moved to cut off the federal funding that supported Mr. Serrano. There were no bombings of museums. No one was killed over this work that was deeply offensive to Christians. - Islam and Free Speech

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Quiet Jihad In America

Jihad Watch has a list of known Muslims "who have been arrested and/or convicted for either planning or acting out their 'jihad' against unsuspecting, innocent men, women and children." Click over there to read the list. It's disturbingly long, so give yourself time to view it.

Murder, arson, bombings, financing terrorism... All in a days work for the "moderate" American Muslim.

Does The West Support Genocide?

gen·o·cide [jen-uh-sahyd]

– (noun) the deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group.

Note: Genocide is also defined as the extermination of 'a political or cultural group' and not just the killing of people of a certain racial group. Islam is attempting to exterminate all non-Muslims, either by conversion, subjugation, or execution.

Sign the declaration against cultural genocide:

There is a genocidal movement afoot in the world. Its advocates are legion, its resources prodigious, its atrocities mounting. But Americans still pretend that it doesn't exist.

Genocidal outrages are now an everyday occurrence in Africa. In the Middle East the murder of entire ethnic and religious groups is an obsession that inspires terrorist armies and heads of state. In the full glare of the global spotlight, Iran's Ahmadinejad, Hezbollah's Nasrallah, and Palestinian leaders are calling for the obliteration of the Jewish state. From the goose-stepping soldiers of Hezbollah, Syria and Iran to the broadcasts of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion on al-Jazeera and Egyptian TV, homage is paid to the Nazi past by radicals in the Muslim world. In their sermons and public proclamations the most virulent Jew-hatred is trumpeted since the dark of days of the Second World War. And unlike the Nazis they do not conceal their malevolent goal.

Yet there is little or no response from the rest of us: no universal condemnation and outrage, no common call for resistance. Worse, excuses are made for the bearers of the hate. If only the "Great Satan," which is America, and the "Little Satan," which is Israel, will but change their policies, then the death sentences that have been pronounced against their citizens will be rescinded and the world can be at peace. Thus is blame transferred to the targets of the hate. It is time to oppose the complicity of silence. - Declaration Against Genocide

Have You Seen This Woman?

If so, please contact the authorities immediately! She is wanted for armed robbery.

A West Midlands jeweller says it is a "disgrace" that a robber dressed in a burka in order to rob his store.

The armed robbery at Friends Jewellers in Cape Hill, Smethwick, on Wednesday involved five people and thousands of pounds of jewellery was taken.

Ash Kumar, the shop owner, said that the Muslim community should be "in uproar" over the tactic. - Jeweller's anger over burka ploy

I'm sure the Muslim community will be in "uproar" just as soon as someone suggests shops could refuse service to anyone with the face covered...

The Enemy Of My Enemy... No, Wait... The Enemy Of My Friend... No, That Isn't Right...

JERUSALEM - Israel will let Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas deploy hundreds of his security forces in the West Bank city of Jenin after they complete U.S.-funded training in Jordan, Israeli officials said on Tuesday.

Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak will inform Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad of the decision when they meet on Wednesday, the officials said about a move that could blunt U.S. frustration with Israel and boost slow-moving peace talks.

Israeli officials said the planned deployment in Jenin, in the northern West Bank, could include up to 500 to 600 men. Palestinian forces took up positions in the larger West Bank city of Nablus in November as part of a law-and-order campaign. - Israel to allow Palestinian forces into WBank

China Imprisons, Abuses Christian For Leaflet Offensive To Muslims

It is a sad state when a simple religious tract causes such distress and offense, a person's life must be destroyed. Once again, the "religion of peace" rears its ugly head of intolerance and selfish obsession.

BANGKOK, March 18 (Compass Direct News) – Liu Huiwen, a Chinese Christian sentenced to 18 months imprisonment last November for distributing a gospel leaflet to Muslims in Gansu province, is suffering mistreatment in a Muslim-majority prison, local sources told Compass.


They also claimed prison guards had withheld food and other items taken into the prison for Liu.

Liu, 39, was arrested on April 28, 2007 after distributing a leaflet entitled “A Letter To Our Muslim Friends” during a funeral in Manping Groupin Ketuo village, part of the Dongxiang Autonomous Region, a Muslim-majority ethnic area in Gansu province.

Villagers immediately reported Liu to police.

A Compass source said police severely beat Liu before detaining him at the Dongxiang police station.

They officially arrested him on May 31 and held him for several months in a nearby town. For about five months, police would not allow family members, including Liu’s wife, to visit him.

In September, the Dongxiang County Procuratorate charged Liu with publishing literature that “discriminated against and insulted people of ethnic minorities.”

Court evidence included a copy of the leaflet, the contract with the printer, and testimony from several Muslim witnesses, according to a China Aid Association (CAA) report last November.

Liu’s lawyer argued that the leaflet did not contain any discriminating remarks or insults against ethnic minorities and that the distribution of the leaflets was a minor incident. - CHINA: CHRISTIAN MISTREATED IN PRISON FOR ‘INSULTING’ MUSLIMS

Islamic Terrorists Admit 'Mistake'

No, the admitted mistake wasn't that its attack failed. The mistake, or "error" as Adnkronos International Yemen (AKI) puts it, was the wayward missile Allah guided to a school yard killing at least one child. But no worries; it was just a little girl killed. No big deal in Islam. She'll go straight to paradise and become a sex slave for some glorious martyr, Insha'Allah.

In a statement posted on Islamist websites, the group known as the Yemen Soldiers Brigade said that it had launched five Hawn missiles against the US embassy.

The group admitted that they had however made an error when "one of our missiles fell by mistake on a school nearby."

The missile hit a girls' school located next to the embassy and at least one student and one soldier were killed in the attack which occurred last Tuesday, while 15 students and four policemen were injured. - Yemen: Al-Qaeda group claims failed US embassy attack

You mean it wasn't the Joooos fault?

Monday, March 24, 2008

What Happened To My America?

Chimpsy's Real American

Muhammadsquran Is Back!

My favorite video series at YouTube was suspended without notice. The videos contained no graphic content, nor did they violate YouTube's terms. They simply analyzed verses from the Quran, Hadith, and other Muslim texts.

AhmadsQuran, a.k.a. muhammadsquran, has finally returned:

Did Geert Wilders Fool Us?

Jihad Watch is questioning the existence of Geert Wilders "Fitna." It is a thought that occurred to me late last night when the movie failed to turn up. Surely a project as important as Wilder made the film out to be would have been worth a mirror site to the one Network Solutions suspended. Not to mention, many other sites, including Jihad Watch, have offered to host the film, if Wilder encounter more censorship.

Should the movie make an appearance, Al Salibiyyah will post it. Should this turn out to be an elaborate hoax to prove Islamic intolerance, all I can say is, Wilder succeeded. Not only in showing the world the rage Muslims express even to imagined and non-existent threats, but he also exposed how some companies, like Network Solutions, will immediately cower to Islamic intimidation.

Czech National Party (NS) Offers To Host Film American Company Censored

(Hat Tip: Klein Verzet)

Prague- The Czech extra-parliamentary nationalist National Party (NS) has offered its foreign server for the release of the controversial anti-Islamic film of Dutch ultra-right MP Geert Wilders, the NS announced on its website today.

The party thereby reacted to the U.S. Internet company's cancelling Wilders's website as he intended to release the film on its server.

Wilders, head of the Dutch ultra-right Freedom Party (PVV), wanted to release its 15-minute film called Fitna, an Arabic word used to describe discord, on the Internet late March after the Dutch TV channels refused to broadcast it. - Czech nationalist party to release anti-Islamic film on website

It's pretty sad when the Czech Republic has to school an American company on the Freedom of Speech.

Fitna & The Death of Reason

I was surfing around looking for news updates about the release of the short film "Fitna." I stumbled upon this gem at Just a Girl in Short Shorts Talking About Whatever:

It was to be released today on Fitna the Movie. But Network Solutions, whose servers are located in the United States, has suspended the site, pending investigation...

Nevermind that Network Solutions has no problem hosting Hizbollah's' website (see whois).

Google, not surprisingly, is in on it too. A search for “” does not produce a hit for the official site.

Ironically, Wilder is no free speech advocate. He wants the Quran banned. But just because he is a dangerous nutcase, does not mean that everyone has to cower in fear of the jihadists.

When we give in to Islam, we sabotage the most important values that define Western civilization—freedom and reason.

Read the Rest

UPDATE: Klein Verzet has contact information for Network Solutions:

Network Solutions Contact Form

(Sample letter can be found at World Divided)

Network Solutions can also be reached by e-mail:
Toll free by phone: 1-800-333-7680 and 1-800-361-5712, outside the US: 1-570-708-8788.

Network Solutions Horror Stories reports that you can reach the executive Center at 1-570-708-8700, just ask for Rick at ext 8162 or Kim at 8162.

Be nice, don't be hostile. Reasonable complaints are far more likely to help.

Join the US blogburst at Macsmind here

You can also join the kleinverzet blogburst
(just leave a link to your blog in the comments!)

Blog burst members
Klein Verzet
Michelle Malkin (NL)
Velvet Hammer
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Always on Watch
Al Salibiyyah

Network Solutions Shuts Down Anti-Quran Site, But Still Hosts Hizbollah

From Jihad Watch, courtesy of a reader:

Domain ID:D849804-LROR
Created On:06-Feb-1998 05:00:00 UTC
Last Updated On:07-Dec-2006 06:17:10 UTC
Expiration Date:05-Feb-2009 05:00:00 UTC
Sponsoring Registrar:Network Solutions LLC (R63-LROR)
Registrant ID:20739530-NSIV
Registrant Organization:Hizbollah
Registrant Street1:ATTN insert domain name here
Registrant Street2:care of Network Solutions
Registrant Street3:
Registrant City:Herndon
Registrant State/Province:VA
Registrant Postal Code:20172
Registrant Country:US
Registrant Phone:+1.570708878
Registrant Phone Ext.:
Registrant FAX:
Registrant FAX Ext.:
Admin ID:16826304-NSIV
Admin Name:Hussein Beydoun
Admin Organization:Hadeelnet
Admin Street1:ATTN insert domain name here
Admin Street2:care of Network Solutions
Admin Street3:
Admin City:Herndon
Admin State/Province:VA
Admin Postal Code:20172
Admin Country:US
Admin Phone:+1.570708878
Admin Phone Ext.:
Admin FAX:
Admin FAX Ext.:
Tech ID:5358805-NSI
Tech Name:Network Solutions, LLC.
Tech Organization:Network Solutions, LLC.
Tech Street1:13200 Woodland Park Drive
Tech Street2:
Tech Street3:
Tech City:Herndon
Tech State/Province:VA
Tech Postal Code:20171-3025
Tech Country:US
Tech Phone:+1.188864296
Tech Phone Ext.:
Tech FAX:+1.5714344620
Tech FAX Ext.:

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Religion of Peace Cleric: "Beat Infidel Tourists"

ISLAMIC cleric Abu Bakar Bashir has returned to his hardline rhetoric with a call for followers to beat up Western tourists and for young Muslims to die as martyrs.

In the sermon, organised by an Islamic youth organisation and delivered a few kilometres from the home village of convicted Bali bombers Amrozi and Mukhlas, Bashir likened tourists in Bali to "worms, snakes, maggots", and specifically referred to the immorality of Australian infidels. - Beat up infidel tourists, says radical cleric

Muhammad Versus Jesus - Punishments

From the Hadith, Sahih Muslim, Book 17, Number 4206:

There came to him (the Holy Prophet) a woman from Ghamid and said: Allah's Messenger, I have committed adultery, so purify me. He (the Holy Prophet) turned her away. On the following day she said: Allah's Messenger, Why do you turn me away? Perhaps, you turn me away as you turned away Ma'iz. By Allah, I have become pregnant. He said: Well, if you insist upon it, then go away until you give birth to (the child). When she was delivered she came with the child (wrapped) in a rag and said: Here is the child whom I have given birth to. He said: Go away and suckle him until you wean him. When she had weaned him, she came to him (the Holy Prophet) with the child who was holding a piece of bread in his hand. She said: Allah's Apostle, here is he as I have weaned him and he eats food. He (the Holy Prophet) entrusted the child to one of the Muslims and then pronounced punishment. And she was put in a ditch up to her chest and he commanded people and they stoned her.

And from the Bible, John 8:3-11:

The teachers of the law and the Pharisees brought in a woman caught in adultery. They made her stand before the group and said to Jesus, "Teacher, this woman was caught in the act of adultery. In the Law Moses commanded us to stone such women. Now what do you say?" They were using this question as a trap, in order to have a basis for accusing him.

But Jesus bent down and started to write on the ground with his finger. When they kept on questioning him, he straightened up and said to them, "If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her." Again he stooped down and wrote on the ground.

At this, those who heard began to go away one at a time, the older ones first, until only Jesus was left, with the woman still standing there. Jesus straightened up and asked her, "Woman, where are they? Has no one condemned you?"

"No one, sir," she said.

"Then neither do I condemn you," Jesus declared. "Go now and leave your life of sin."


Islam For Kids: The Mercy Of Muhammad

Dutch Man Burned To Death By Muslim Youths

A playground caretaker was burned to death in his apartment. Muslim youths are suspected. Another Muslim youth justifies the attack claiming:

"He said we made too much noise and that we should pick up our trash. Or otherwise go back to Turkey. But I am Dutch and my parents come from Morocco."

Oh, the humanity! He said they should pick up their trash? That bastard! Kill that infidel for insulting the prophet! insulting Islam! hurting Muslim sensibilities! expecting youth to show some respect!

Dutch Flag Banned In Dutch Schools

Cals College in IJsselstein has prohibited two of it's students to have Dutch flags on their bags.

The 16 year old boy and his friend where told by the director of their school that they "urgently should consider" to remove the Dutch flags from their bags, it could provoke other students, mainly Moroccan students. - Dutch flag prohibited!

Former Muslim Writer Speaks Out Against Islam

(Hat Tip: Jihad Watch)

ITALIAN editor and critic of Islamic extremism Magdi Allam, who converted to Catholicism from Islam and was baptised by Pope Benedict XVI, today branded his former faith as intrinsically violent.

"I had to do this (abandon Islam)", Allam wrote in a long letter to the Italian daily Corriere della Sera.

"Beyond ... the phenomenon of extremists and Islamist terrorism at the global level, the root of evil is inherent to a physiologically violent and historically conflictual Islam," wrote the Egyptian-born journalist, who says he has received death threats and is under police protection.


"Thousands of people in Italy have converted to Islam and practise their faith serenely," he wrote.

"But there are also thousands of Muslims who have converted to Christianity who are forced to hide their new faith out of fear of being killed by Islamist terrorists." - Islam intrinsically violent - convert

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Dutch Beg Forgiveness From Their Muslim Masters

Dutch dhimmis acknowledge their places under Islamic rule by apologizing for offending Muslims.

A Dutch activist group has called for a mass online apology campaign to "smother out" the soon-to-be-released anti-Islamic movie by a right wing politician.

Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders says he plans to broadcast his film “Fitna” -- Challenge in Arabic – on the web sometime in the next two weeks. The 15-minute movie denounces the Quran as a “fascist” book.

On Monday, Amsterdam-based cultural organization Mediamatic called on Dutch citizens "to make their own version of Fitna in which they apologize for Wilders' embarrassing behavior". - Dutch say 'sorry' for anti-Islam film

Stick a fork in them. They're done.

Network Solutions Caves To Islamists

My, god. How far we have sank into dhimmitude when networks "investigate" legitimate questions about Islam. I found this at "Fitna" the Movie site:

Was There Ever A Good Year?

Activists: A Bad Year For Human Rights In Iran:

Tehran, 21 March (AKI) - As Iran celebrated the ancient Persian festival of Norouz to mark the new year, activists reflected on the poor state of human rights in Iran and the high number of executions in the past 12 months.

Mohammad Seifzadeh, an Iranian lawyer who chairs the League of Defenders of Human Rights says more than 300 executions were carried out in the past year.

Student Ebrahim Lotfollahi and Zahra Baniyaghoub, a medical graduate, were found dead in their prison cells, a few hours after being arrested by agents from the intelligence ministry.

According to Zahra's family, the young woman had been raped in prison and killed. She had been arrested in a park with her boyfriend for allegedly committing obscene acts in a public place. Lotfollahi, a student activist , was believed to have died during her interrogation.

One man, Jafar Kiani, had instead been stoned to death after being accused of cohabitating with Mokarrameh Ebrahimi, freed this week after 11 years in prison.

Human rights activists also expressed concern about the high number of adolescents condemned to death.

"After signing all the international conventions on the subject, Iranian judges are condemning young people of 14 and 15 years to death, and then waiting for them to reach the age of 18 to execute them," said Seifzadeh. - Iran: A bad year for human rights, say activists

Islamic Attack In NYC Met With Indifference

An unprovoked anti-semitic attack in New York City results in one attacker getting hit by a car. His friends blame the victim and begin beating him shouting, "ALLAH ACKBAR!" Police dismiss the Israeli's complaint of it being a religiously motivated attack by suggesting he doesn't really understand what "Allah ackbar" means.

Islamic terrorism is alive in America. Unfortunately, authorities are trying to conceal the fact.

Welcome to dhimmitude.

Uria Ohana, originally from Kfar Chabad, entered a subway station in the affluent Park Slope neighborhood in Brooklyn Tuesday evening, on his way to a lecture in Manhattan, when he noticed a group of Arab teenagers congregated on a bench in the station.

Ohana did not exchange words or make eye contact with the group, but proceeded upstairs to his train.

On his way, he felt someone grab his kippa from his head and then heard laughter. Ohana decided to chase the boys to retrieve his kippa.

The 18-year-old boy who grabbed the kippa left the subway station and ran into the street, where he was hit by a car, breaking his leg.

While Ohana chased the boy, the other teenagers began chasing him, screaming "Allah akbar."

"They screamed at me, 'Did you see what happened to him because of you?'" said Ohana, a Chabad-Lubavitch rabbinical assistant who works in Wellesley, Massachusetts.

Two of the Arab boys then started kicking and punching Ohana in the face.

"As soon as they started screaming, I understood [the attack] was racial," said Ohana.

The crime is being investigated as aggravated harassment and a possible bias crime, according to a New York Police Department spokeswoman. "I am almost sure it will be charged as a hate crime," said the spokeswoman.

"I'm sad that this kind of attack is coming to New York after seeing this in Israel," said Ohana. "An Arab teenager attacking a Jew for being a Jew scares me as a Jew."

Ohana said one police officer brushed the incident off as a case of a teenager who "doesn't know what 'Allah akbar' means. - Israeli attacked by Arab youth in NY

Friday, March 21, 2008

Behead Those Who Try To Make The Religion of Peace More Peaceful

The Saudi royal family has come under increasing pressure - mainly from Washington - to change religious textbooks and to rein in militant clerics.

But critics are sceptical about whether such initiatives would work as long as the powerful, and ultraconservative, religious establishment in Saudi Arabia continues to exert enormous influence over society.

Only last week, a prominent cleric called for the beheading of two liberal writers who had questioned the orthodox view that Muslims can not change their religion. - Saudis to retrain 40,000 clerics

"Fitna" Release Scheduled on Sunday

Geert Wilder's film "Fitna" will be released this weekend. The 'religion of peace' has threatened massive violence when it is made public. Al Salibiyyah will have the video the as soon as it is available.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Inside The Muslim Mind: Boundless Irrationalities of Islamic Reasoning

A new message from Obama Osama bin Laden asserts the blasphemous cartoons are somehow more outrageous than the Islamic violence against unarmed, defenseless civilians:

"You went overboard in your unbelief and freed yourselves of the etiquettes of dispute and fighting and went to the extent of publishing these insulting drawings. This is the greater and more serious tragedy, and reckoning for it will be more severe." - Bin Laden Slams EU Over Prophet Cartoons

I don't even know where to begin with this. There are just so many irrationalities in this one statement. So, lets address each one by one:

"You went overboard in your unbelief..."

I suppose what he means is that, not only do we refuse to believe in his so-called god, we went even further and mocked it. Apparently, going overboard doesn't apply to Jihadists who use Allah's name to rape, mutilate and kill both Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Radical Muslims are considered pious men; radical cartoonists, however, is just going too far!

"...and freed yourselves of the etiquettes of dispute and fighting and went to the extent of publishing these insulting drawings."

Yes, we strayed from the common warfare etiquettes of killing each other as efficiently as possible and instead decided to draw pictures. Okay...

If I have learned nothing else about Islam, I do know "etiquette" is not in the Muslim vocabulary. Islam is a rash, uncivilized culture that uses deceit to destroy freedom, that targets the children of enemies, that displays cowardice beyond human comprehension. It is a culture that justifies the killing of unarmed civilians in retaliation to military defeats, and calls for the executions of those who dare to expose it.

When an Islamic militant uses the word "etiquette," it means he knows he is being destroyed by a superior force.

"This is the greater and more serious tragedy..."

Than...? Bombing innocent people on buses? Sending suicide bombers into markets or pizza parlors? Stoning women who were gang raped? Sawing the heads off bound, defenseless contractors? Hijacking commercial planes and flying them into civilian buildings?

"...and reckoning for it will be more severe."

For whom? I'm certain members of the 'religion of peace' will make many innocent people pay for the "tragedy" of cartoons. And as long as the West continues to coddle and appease Islamic terrorists, more innocents will die.

But tolerance has limitations. When that limit is reached, only Allah can save you.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Muslims Against Terrorism Executed 'With Allah's Consent'

(Hat Tip: Jihad Watch)

A report on Tuesday in the Algerian newspaper el-Khabar said an al-Qaeda militant carried out a raid against a mosque in the Algerian province of al-Wadi on Sunday night and killed two men while they prayed.

According to the report, eyewitnesses said masked men entered the mosque as evening prayers were being held forcing everyone to fall to the ground.

The armed militants called for the two men, Harun Ahmad, and his cousin, Harun Abdel Jabbar, to step forward. They were then taken to the courtyard in the mosque where they were shot to death as the killers, speaking in an Algerian dialect, said: "We kill you with God's consent."

The two victims were part of a group of moderate Salafites who are opposed to the terrorist activities carried out by the al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb group. - Algeria: Al-Qaeda attacks moderates

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


"The greatest tragedy in mankind's entire history may be
the hijacking of morality by religion."

~Arthur C. Clark
1917 - 2008 - Arthur C. Clarke, Premier Science Fiction Writer, Dies at 90

Muhammad The Prophet's Official WebSite

Not to be confused with Bobblehead Mo's Official Myspace Profile...

Allah sent his favourite prophet (that's me) down from Paradise and told me to make a website to tell everybody in the Civilised World that Islam is not a morally corrupt and backward religion, hell bent on World domination and the eradication of all non-believers...I told him I couldn't, because it is! He sent me anyway.

Mo (Peace Be Upon Me)

The Official Website of the Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Me)
Beware of Cheap imitations!

Continuing Jihad At YouTube

Some of you know I'm a big fan of muhammadsquran at YouTube. Sadly, as I checked in for his latest video this morning, I discovered his account has been suspended.

YouTube has had a history of removing videos that offend Islam, including some of my own. Many of those videos do violate the terms of YouTube by showing graphic content. It doesn't matter if you think that graphic content is justified as a part of a larger, truthful message. YouTube owns the site, so they dictate the terms, whether we like it or not.

But the disturbing thing about muhammadsquran being suspended is that his videos had absolutely no graphic content. They were all audio - there were no pictures or images. They did not promote hate or violence. They did not attack anyone personally, or express unsubstantiated opinions. Muhammadsquran used Islamic texts like the Quran and Hadith to discredit Islam and its founder Muhammad. The videos exposed irrational belief systems and behaviors of Muhammadans and radical Muslims, contradictions and absurdities in the Quran, and disputed the arguments Muhammadans commonly use to defend the "religion of peace."

While the audio may have offended Muslims who detest having their so-called faith scrutinized, the videos were far from hate speech, and they did not violate YouTube terms.

You can still visit muhammadsquran at his website,

Below is a sampling uploaded to LiveLeak:

POSTSCRIPT: I don't know if it's related to YouTube's recent crackdown on anti-Islamic channels, but I'm experiencing my own problems at YouTube. From any of my accounts, I am unable to send messages, post bulletins, add comments, or view videos. When posting, I receive an "Authorization Failed" error. When attempting to view videos, in place of the video box is this message: "Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Adobe's Flash Player. Get the latest Flash player."

My Flash player is up-to-date and the necessary javascript is enabled. I tried accessing a video page using a different computer with Windows XP freshly installed and get the same error. I tried using I.E. instead of my usual FireFox - same result. Any ideas?

I guess it'll have to be LiveLeak from here on out.

UPDATE: YAYYYYY! I figured out how to fix the YouTube problem. First, I googled around and discovered that many users are experiencing the same problem. However, the many 'fixes' offered did nothing to help. The most common suggestions were to re-install the flash player or re-install the browser. I tried both these things and nothing worked. Finally, I set out on my own to fix it. Here's how I did it:

  1. To start, I keep meticulous backups. At least once a month, but usually more often, I backup my Firefox settings. You do this by going into the folder C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles. In this folder you'll see another folder that looks like this: xxxxxxxx.default, with the xxxxxxxx's being a random sequence of letters & numbers. You'll want to backup the entire contents of this folder.

    If you are having the flash problems and you don't already have a backup, you can try saving the contents of the profile folder anyway. I didn't try that, but it may still work. Either way, BACKUP your bookmarks!

  2. Right-click your Mozilla Firefox icon on your desktop. Select 'Properties.' In the target box, add " -profilemanager" without the quotes. Select 'OK.'

  3. Open Firefox. You should get a new box asking you to choose a profile. Select 'Create Profile.' Name the profile as you wish. I used 'default2'. Select 'Finish.'

  4. Re-open Firefox, this time selecting the new profile and click 'Start Firefox.' All should be well at YouTube.

  5. Back in explorer, find the new user profile folder as directed in #1 above. Copy the backup files to that folder. Do not rename the folder! Leave the name as it is, just copy the files within the old profile. Remove the "-profilemanager" from the shortcut properties. Restart Firefox.
This is how I fixed the flash problem on my computer. If all goes well, you should have everything restored as it was before you encountered the YouTube problem. Hope this helps.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday Funny - MohammedThePig Makes a Friend

From a "peaceful" Muslim:

M1NZY | March 14, 2008
oi bastard bitch, im gna b serious with u. im want 2 ttel u story.
one day ur dad got bitch slapped 2 death by dem muslim kids n ur mum cudnt make it 2 da funaral because she was realy busy with work aka brothel. she was fuking sum arab guy 4 a slice of bread. she lyks 2 get fukd and is available 24/7, just contact this page . i know its funny, her own son looks after the family business. he sometimes videos hez mum gettin fukd by sum faat blak mans dik. dont worry its not wrong, hez frm da US. hez dad sed 2 him b4 he died, " son, after i am gone, i want u to sexually satisfy ur mother"
so now he likes 2 suk hez mum

i hope u get da meaning of da comment
piss be upon u

MohammedthePig responds:

MohammedthePig | March 16, 2008
M1NZY - thank you for that most enthralling story. Not many peoples know the true childhood of mohammed (peace be upon me). Thank you for setting the record straight.

Peoples always tell me muslimes have no imagination and no story-telling abilities, but you, my friend & swinehammadan, have proved them wrong.

Allahu achbar!

Click on the flag to visit MohammedThePig's YouTube channel:

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Legal Jihad

Muslims are planning new ways to censor truth, and new ways to creep the Sharia a bit further into our lives.

For those of you who don't know, the Sharia is Islamic law. It is cruel, barbaric, intolerant, and unjust. It places Muslim men above all other people, Islam above all other religions, and punishments are meted out to benefit Muslims and Islam.

DAKAR, Senegal - The Muslim world has created a battle plan to defend its religion from political cartoonists and bigots. [Ed: Apparently, Rukmini Callimachi, Associated Press Writer, considers anyone who insults Islam a 'bigot'.]

Concerned about what they see as a rise in the defamation of Islam, leaders of the world's Muslim nations are considering taking legal action against those that slight their religion or its sacred symbols. It was a key issue during a two-day summit that ended Friday in this western Africa capital.

The Muslim leaders are attempting to demand redress from nations like Denmark, which allowed the publication of cartoons portraying the Prophet Muhammad in 2006 and again last month, to the fury of the Muslim world.

Though the legal measures being considered have not been spelled out, the idea pits many Muslims against principles of freedom of speech enshrined in the constitutions of numerous Western governments. - Muslims nations: Defame Islam, get sued?

Clearly, Muslims do not understand the concept of free speech:

"I don't think freedom of expression should mean freedom from blasphemy," [Ed: Um, yes, it does. Freedom of expression means exactly that. It places all religions on equal ground, to be mock or to be embraced. Islam is not above freedom speech.] said Senegal's President Abdoulaye Wade, the chairman of the 57-member Organization of the Islamic Conference. "There can be no freedom without limits."

Hopefully, the United States will soon come to its senses. What we need is legislation that protects citizens from frivolous lawsuits that attack the very freedoms we are guaranteed by the constitution.

Friday, March 14, 2008

The Pact of Dhimmis

Are you willing to make the following pledge? If so, you may be a perfect candidate for dhimmitude!

In the name of God, the Merciful and Compassionate. This is a letter to the servant of God Umar [ibn al-Khattab], Commander of the Faithful, from the Christians of such-and-such a city. When you came against us, we asked you for safe-conduct (aman) for ourselves, our descendants, our property, and the people of our community, and we undertook the following obligations toward you:

We shall not build, in our cities or in their neighborhood, new monasteries, Churches, convents, or monks' cells, nor shall we repair, by day or by night, such of them as fall in ruins or are situated in the quarters of the Muslims.

We shall keep our gates wide open for passersby and travelers. We shall give board and lodging to all Muslims who pass our way for three days.

We shall not give shelter in our churches or in our dwellings to any spy, nor bide him from the Muslims.

We shall not teach the Qur'an to our children.

We shall not manifest our religion publicly nor convert anyone to it. We shall not prevent any of our kin from entering Islam if they wish it.

We shall show respect toward the Muslims, and we shall rise from our seats when they wish to sit.

We shall not seek to resemble the Muslims by imitating any of their garments, the qalansuwa, the turban, footwear, or the parting of the hair. We shall not speak as they do, nor shall we adopt their kunyas.

We shall not mount on saddles, nor shall we gird swords nor bear any kind of arms nor carry them on our- persons.

We shall not engrave Arabic inscriptions on our seals.

We shall not sell fermented drinks.

We shall clip the fronts of our heads.

We shall always dress in the same way wherever we may be, and we shall bind the zunar round our waists

We shall not display our crosses or our books in the roads or markets of the Muslims. We shall use only clappers in our churches very softly. We shall not raise our voices when following our dead. We shall not show lights on any of the roads of the Muslims or in their markets. We shall not bury our dead near the Muslims.

We shall not take slaves who have beenallotted to Muslims.

We shall not build houses overtopping the houses of the Muslims.

(When I brought the letter to Umar, may God be pleased with him, he added, "We shall not strike a Muslim.")

We accept these conditions for ourselves and for the people of our community, and in return we receive safe-conduct.

If we in any way violate these undertakings for which we ourselves stand surety, we forfeit our covenant [dhimma], and we become liable to the penalties for contumacy and sedition.

Umar ibn al-Khittab replied: Sign what they ask, but add two clauses and impose them in addition to those which they have undertaken. They are: "They shall not buy anyone made prisoner by the Muslims," and "Whoever strikes a Muslim with deliberate intent shall forfeit the protection of this pact."

Medieval Sourcebook: Pact of Umar, 7th Century

Is there hope for this Candidate?

Look who has the ear of Republican presidential nominee John McCain. While this is certainly not a "endorsement" of McCain by any stretch or the Evangelist in question, but what Rod Parsley says about Islam cannot be ignored.
In a chapter in his book "Silent no more" entitled “Islam: The Deception of Allah,” Mr Parsley speaks of Allah as a “demon spirit” and urges “war between Islam and Christian civilization”. There is no difference between violent Islamist extremists and moderate Muslims, he argues. “I cannot tell you how important it is that we understand the true nature of Islam, that we see it for what it really is,” he writes. “In fact, I will tell you this: I do not believe our country can truly fulfill its divine purpose until we understand our historical conflict with Islam.
I know that this statement sounds extreme, but I do not shrink from its implications. The fact is that America was founded, in part, with the intention of seeing this false religion destroyed, and I believe September 11, 2001, was a generational call to arms that we can no longer ignore.

We can all hope McCain is listening and changes his thoughts & ways in dealing with Islamic Jihad if he becomes the next President of the United States.

Read the rest here at Sheikyermami's most excellent site.

Women Who Sing Should Be Stoned To Death

That's what a Muslim cleric says.

But not in so many words. What he actually said was that listening to music makes one guilty of adultery. The penalty for adultery, especially among women, is to be stoned to death.

Sayed-ur-Rahman Niazi, the cleric at Kabul's central mosque which attracts 50,000 worshipers during weekly Friday prayers, was quoted by Chicago Tribune as having said this very strong anti-music statement:

"It's completely rejected by Islam. Someone who goes to listen to music is guilty of adultery. It's the same thing. And someone who enjoys it should be kicked out of Islam. He's no longer a Muslim." - Young singer becomes ikon in struggle for freedom of music

Sharia In UK? Muslim Man Walks Free After Murdering A Man

One has to wonder - had this been a non-Muslim running down a Muslim, would the punishment then fit the crime?

A shamed driver who mowed down and killed a man after being caught with a prostitute in his car has escaped jail and ordered to carry out just 200 hours of community service.

Married father-of-three Mohammed Bashir reversed his car over Faisar Iqbal before dragging him 80 metres and leaving the 22-year-old dying in the street.

He then fled the scene, went to wash his car and told employees he believed he may have run down a man who tried to rob him. Shamed driver caught with prostitute mows down and kills man - and escapes jail

Geert Wilders Film Premier Canceled

Score one for the Jihadists. It appears the threat of even more violence from the "religion of peace" has spurred Wilder into canceling the premier of his new short film about the Qur'an:

Right-wing dutch politician Geert Wilders has canceled the public launch of his controversial anti-Islamic film due, he says, to huge security costs. The 15-minute documentary entitled "FITNA" will now only be viewable on the internet. Wilders' announcement came as the Danish Prime Minister urged the EU to remember its commitment to freedom of expression. - Public premiere cancelled for controversial dutch film

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Discover Islam: Now At MuhammadTube

Al Salibiyyah at

UPDATE: Apparently is still working out bugs. This embedded video, at least for me, is not working. However, the links above the video work. Please visit and show your support!

Read The Quran To Understand Islam

How many times have you heard that?

Below is a letter written by a Muslim currently in jail for killing his daughter in an "honor killing". Here is someone who read the Quran, and believes he was justified in killing his own child in a most brutal and savage way.

That tells me more about Islam than the Quran ever could.

This letter was translated and posted at Islam In Europe.

I beg you my brother! I suffer every day and every hour. Be kind to do one thing for God's cause. Nobody gets to own this world (have the world to yourself) - neither I, you or any other. You do a good deed, you'll be paid and don't help the infidel.

It says in the Koran: God can't suffer the infidel.

It says in the prophet's tradition: whoever follows a nation becomes one of them. That means, his place is in hell's fire. I will ask you to listen to me and help your brother and a poor woman, whose children wait for her.

This are my last words with you. I will say to you that this world is too small and it's possible we'll meet one day in Iraq or another country. God's earth is big. If you don't help Suheyla in this crisis, you'll have conflicts with me. I will murder you like I murdered the infidel Sonay.

She wanted to do perversity every day with the infidel swine. She had committed perversity two times before me and I murdered her with my own hand.

It's perversity. God, praised and glorified says: don't pervert the earth - and the infidel say that they are good.

Read the holy koran then you'll understand Islam.

Read the prophet's tradition (god bless and preserve him) and the prophet's life (god bless and preserve him) in the following books: author, Ebn Al-Kathir. Author, Al-Bukhary. Author, Albany.

Then you'll understand. You have Fatwa on cassette, if you understand it, then you begin to cry, I have friends, we are all engaged together only in God's religion.

Greetings my brother.

God guide you on a right path.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Gnome On The Loose!

A TOWN in South America is living in fear after several sightings of a 'creepy gnome' that locals claim stalks the streets at night.

The midget - which wears a pointy hat and has a distinctive sideways walk - was caught on video last week by a terrified group of youngsters.

Teenager Jose Alvarez - who filmed the gnome - yesterday told national newspaper El Tribuno that they caught the creature while larking about in their hometown of General Guemes, in the province of Salta, Argentina. - 'Creepy gnome' terrorises town