Sunday, March 30, 2008

Algeria: Evangelism The Same As Terrorism

The Religious Affairs Minister in Algeria has equated Christian evangelism with Islamic terrorism. That essentially means Muslims killing innocent people in the name of Allah is no worse than a Christian teaching others about Christianity.

The Ministers comments are in response to media inquiries concerning two Christians who were arrested for carrying Bibles.

Ironic particularly in light of Amari’s comment, Algerian authorities have begun comparing evangelization with terrorism in recent months.

“I equate evangelism with terrorism,” Religious Affairs Minister Ghoulamullah said in an article in L’Expression on February 12.

“I’ve asked the imams to remind the people that pastors don’t come to Algeria because they love the country, or because they love Christianity,” news service France24 reported Ghoulamullah as saying. “They come here to create minorities, which would give foreign countries a pretext to interfere in our internal affairs.”

An official report on Protestant activities in Algeria submitted to the Home Affairs Ministry warned of a “fierce attack” targeting the religion and unity of the country, according to local media.

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