Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Mass Transist & Mubtakkar

It seems Muslims are taking credit for yet another 'invention' of which no one else in the history of the civilized world has ever conceived. But this isn't one that should make the "religion of peace" proud. The invention is called "Al-Mubtakkar al-Farid: Li Irsaal al-Safah al-Athiri Ila al-Kafir al-`Anid" [translated: "The Unique Invention: To Deliver the Gaseous Killer to the Stubborn Infidel" - Who says the mujahideen don't have a sense of humor?].

Assessing al-Qaeda’s Chemical Threat
(Obtained at Athena Intelligence)

Yes, leave it to the "religion of peace" and their most merciful, compassionate Allah to 'invent' new and cruel ways to slaughter the kuffar en masse.

Possible uses for al-Mubtakkar are outlined at James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies and also in this PDF document titled "Mass Transist System Threat Assessment issued by the Transportation Security Administration (Thanks, Matt!):

(U) Al-Qa’ida is reportedly interested in producing compact chemical dispersal devices. The group developed a small device called a mubtakar [sic] for disseminating cyanogen chloride and hydrogen cyanide. The device is considered efficient in enclosed spaces and could be effective if used in subway cars and underground rail stations.14,15

(U) Mubtakar (Arabic for “invention”) representation found on Internet

Download the entire PDF file at MSNBC.

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