Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Freedom From Death

Sadly, the West continues to support a new Islamic state of Kosovo. Currently, ethnic Albanians - Muslims - run rampant destroying non-Muslim businesses and Holy places. Minority Serbs have no protection beyond NATO troops patrolling Serbian neighborhoods. What's left of them.

Freedom from death: Armed NATO soldier guards elderly Kosovo Serbs who could be killed by province's Muslims who seek independence.


But the AP would have you believe the Albanian Muslims are an oppressed minority seeking freedom:

Thousands of wildly cheering pro-independence demonstrators marched through Kosovo's gritty capital Monday as a sense of euphoria swept the breakaway province preparing to gain statehood early next year.

Kosovars, assured of staunch U.S. support and a promise of recognition from all but one EU country, reveled in hopes that a decades-old dream may be within reach despite fierce opposition by Serbia and Russia.

International mediators failed to negotiate a compromise on Kosovo's future by Monday's U.N. deadline.

"Independence means so much to us. It means a new identity and a new future for Kosovo," said Agim Kastrati, a 19-year-old law student who marched through Pristina demanding a declaration of statehood early in 2008.


Click the link. Read the entire article. Not once are the words "muslim" or "Islam" mentioned. And yet that's what this is all about - Muslim dominance over Serbs - the non-Muslims. The Albanians have not hid their agenda. They, as Muslims, want to control non-Muslims.

More from the Yahoo! article:

NATO, which maintains 16,000 peacekeepers in Kosovo, has boosted street patrols in a show of force aimed at discouraging extremists on both sides of the ethnic divide.

"I don't believe it's possible for Serbs and Albanians to live together peacefully," said Mimoza Sejdiu, 24, an ethnic Albanian at Monday's rally. "I don't see a common future as citizens of one country."

In a sign of underlying tensions, Kosovo police said that over the weekend, unknown assailants tossed a bottle of flaming liquid into a vacant house owned by Serbs in the town of Gnjilane southeast of Pristina and sprayed this menacing message: "Death to Serbs."

The religion of peace. Apparently, the NATO forces are keeping the Serbian extremists under control. But the ethnic Albanian extremists are having no problems expressing their disdain.

Convert, submit, or die.

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SoteriA said...

This Kosovo thing is such propaganda piece for Islamic interests. It seems Rich Arab oil interests have bought U.S. & Nato involvement to save the "poor innocent Muslims" from the genocidal Serb maniacs. What a well orchestrated propaganda war.