Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Muslim Albanians Demand Right To Dominate Non-Muslims

The threats could be in response to THIS. These are the people we were defending and protecting during the Kosovo War:

An armed Albanian extremist group, Albanian National Army or ANA, has issued a warning to the international authorities who are governing Kosovo that unless Kosovo Serbs in the northern town of Mitrovica are not placed under Muslim Albanian domination by November 1, the group itself will attack the Serbs in order to place them under Muslim domination, says Albanian National Army’s political spokesman Gafurr Adili for a Kosovo Albanian newspaper Epoka e Re.

"If KFOR, UNMIK, KPS and KPC fail to take under administration the northern Kosovo by 1 November 2007, I am forced to warn them that ANA will do it," Adili said.

Footage recently appeared on the Albanian-dominated Kosovo television showing masked armed Albanian gunmen patrolling areas of Kosovo. UN peace keepers have not found the armed group and it is unclear whether they are even looking for any of the gunmen.

Was Milosević right? Could he see the threat of Islamofascism long before the West had any inkling of what lay ahead?

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