Friday, March 7, 2008

Allah Loves Slaves

Slavery is alive and well in the 21st century, thanks to a 7th century cult:

Ibrahima Dia, Mauritanian ambassador to the United States, however, said: "A large number of slaves in Mauritania are free. They are free, but they still enjoy their status of being slaves, especially in the urban areas."

Messaoud countered, "They are free to move about, but they are intrinsically linked to the master's family."

"Slaves are told that under Islam, their paradise is bound to their master, so if they do what the master tells them, they will go to heaven," explained Cacchioli.

"If, however, they disobey or run away, slaves are told they will be forsaken by God and live outside of Islam. In an Islamic country, this is a powerful means of control. The slaves are victims of obscurantism, and their outlook is fatalistic, with many living in the belief that it is Allah's wish for them to be slaves," she added.

"In reality, however, Islam dictates that a Muslim cannot enslave a fellow Muslim," she said. - Slavery Persists In Mauritania Despite Laws

Of course, Islam also dictates that it is perfectly acceptable to enslave non-Muslims, even for sexual purposes. That irony is lost on many black Muslims, who righteously deplore past transgressions of Western countries that once supported enslavement, but have come to embrace a faith which validates slavery to this day.

Ah, the peaceful religion of... whatever.

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