Friday, February 15, 2008

McCain Armed Kosovo Terrorists

The KLA - The Kosovo Liberation Army - is an Islamic terrorist group responsible for beheadings, torture, rape, burning down churches filled with Christians, and other atrocities. To this day, the KLA insurgency continues the systematic persecution and genocidal cleansing of Serbian civilians residing in Albania. The former leaders, enjoying life as high paid politicians in the Albania Government, are unapologetic for the crimes committed.

John McCain helped arm them.

We are fighting a war against Islamic terrorists, it appears our next president will either be a willing dhimmi or an ignorant accomplice.

"Even in 1998 when we had problems with Milosevic, McCain did everything that we asked of him to the benefit of the Albanian people, including arming the KLA", announced DioGuardi. "We are American Albanians and we need a leader who will strengthen this country... We must support John McCain because he did everything we asked of him for Kosovo, from supporting the Kosovo Liberation Army to supporting the independence of Kosovo. Two years ago he spoke in Brussels and said that independence is the only solution", concluded this former congressman who has been fighting for the independence of Kosovo and Metohija for more than twenty years.


However, even though he is leading in the presidential nomination, John McCain has not yet succeeded in convincing the primary wing of the Republican Party - the conservatives - that he is the right candidate. One of the reasons is that he often spoke and voted against the majority Republicans, as in 1999 when he asked for more intensive air bombing of Serbia.

In April of that year, three weeks after the bombing commenced, he announced that the US is in danger of losing the war to the Serbian Army which has "antiquated machinery" and "absolutely no military air power", if massive strategic air attacks are not initiated. "Attacks on any infrastructure target must not be prevented. We all regret civilian losses, as well as our own, but they cannot be avoided," he said. - John McCain armed Kosovo Islamic terrorists

If we targeted Islamic terrorists in the Middle East with the same political support and intensity John McCain rallied against the Serbians for defending their country, we would be in much better shape today. Instead, politicians like McCain depend too much on popular opinion and incomplete information as they desperately attempt to appear tolerant and just. Such irresponsible behavior ultimately strengthens and emboldens the Islamic enemy bent on destroying the West.

How can we win a war against Islamic terrorism when our own leaders are aiding them?


Arius said...

McCain will most likely lose to Hillary or Barak, but that's no consolation, they also will automatically support the Clinton/Bush Balkan pro-Muslim policy. What a bunch of nitwits. I've decided not to vote; what's the point?

DMartyr said...

I agree with you, but I refuse to surrender my vote. If you don't vote, you have no right to complain about the results!

Please, go vote. Choose who you think will be the best (or the lesser of two evils).