Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Future of Jihad

We are being presented with a wonderful gift. A modern Islamic Caliphate is forming in southern Europe. For those of you with an eye on the current events of IslamoFascism, you have already witnessed the path of destruction and reconstruction of an Islamic state.

We've witnessed an Infidel uprising defending freedom, democracy, and liberty. We've applauded - even cheered - as a politically correct Clinton Administration extinguished that Islamophobic rebellion. We've encouraged and comforted Islamic Jihadis as they recovered from the rebellion, regained their strengths, and now threaten to dominate those who dared to fight back.

So, why is this a gift?

Because what we are currently witnessing in Serbia is a small scale model of what Islamists want on a world-wide level. We have the benefit, now, of hindsight. We know, by following the events in Serbia, radical Islam will not be deterred. As long as it has breath, it will fight to destroy us. It will use our compassion, our kindness, and our sense of justice against us. It will play the victim card until it controls the political power to defeat us.

Another Clinton Administration looms on our horizon. But next time, it won't be a small regional Islamic conflict the administration must address. It will be a world-wide Islamic threat. If the new Clinton Administration reacts to the threat as the former Clinton Administration did, we will witness an Islamic uprising on scale never before seen - and most likely on American soil.

Embrace this gift. Learn from it. If we don't, we are doomed to repeat it.

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