Tuesday, March 25, 2008

China Imprisons, Abuses Christian For Leaflet Offensive To Muslims

It is a sad state when a simple religious tract causes such distress and offense, a person's life must be destroyed. Once again, the "religion of peace" rears its ugly head of intolerance and selfish obsession.

BANGKOK, March 18 (Compass Direct News) – Liu Huiwen, a Chinese Christian sentenced to 18 months imprisonment last November for distributing a gospel leaflet to Muslims in Gansu province, is suffering mistreatment in a Muslim-majority prison, local sources told Compass.


They also claimed prison guards had withheld food and other items taken into the prison for Liu.

Liu, 39, was arrested on April 28, 2007 after distributing a leaflet entitled “A Letter To Our Muslim Friends” during a funeral in Manping Groupin Ketuo village, part of the Dongxiang Autonomous Region, a Muslim-majority ethnic area in Gansu province.

Villagers immediately reported Liu to police.

A Compass source said police severely beat Liu before detaining him at the Dongxiang police station.

They officially arrested him on May 31 and held him for several months in a nearby town. For about five months, police would not allow family members, including Liu’s wife, to visit him.

In September, the Dongxiang County Procuratorate charged Liu with publishing literature that “discriminated against and insulted people of ethnic minorities.”

Court evidence included a copy of the leaflet, the contract with the printer, and testimony from several Muslim witnesses, according to a China Aid Association (CAA) report last November.

Liu’s lawyer argued that the leaflet did not contain any discriminating remarks or insults against ethnic minorities and that the distribution of the leaflets was a minor incident.


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