Monday, March 10, 2008

The Religion of Peace Kills For Islamic School Construction Rights

Islam doing what it does best - promoting its message of peace by killing anyone who opposes them. Serbian Muslims fight for the construction rights of a new Islamic school to be built on the outskirts of Kosovo:

Rival Muslim gangs that represent various religious schools of belief were trading gunfire on Friday in Serbia's southern Raska region.

The gunfight occured after two rival groups sqablled as to who will lay foundation to the newlly planned Islamic school in the city of Tutin. Two people were shot.

The two individuals that were shot belong to the faction led by Imam Muamar Zukorlic. The rival religious faction is led by Adem Zilkic who is the newly appointed chief of all Muslims in Serbia.

Chief of staff of Zilkic's office said that "Zukorlic faction wanted to lay the foundation over the existing one" that was already laid a year ago.

In February, these same rivals were engaged in brawl in the city of Novi Pazar. - Muslims in Serbia gunsling one another

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