Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Muslims Condemn Serbia For Defending Itself

Serbia doesn't want to surrender to IslamoFascist demands. That makes Serbia an aggressor (and an enemy of Islam) to ethnic Albanians, who want to secede and establish their own Islamic state where they can dominate non-Muslims as ordered in the Qur'an.

PRISTINA, Serbia-Kosovo's president accused Serbia on Thursday of "aggression" for passing a resolution condemning any attempt by the breakaway province to declare independence.

On Wednesday, lawmakers in Serbia approved a resolution calling on the country to "reconsider" diplomatic ties with any Western countries that recognize Kosovo as independent.

The resolution also rejected the idea of an EU mission in Kosovo before the province's status is resolved, and denounced NATO for allegedly supporting separatist Kosovo Albanians.

In Pristina Thursday, Kosovo President Fatmir Sejdiu called the move "unjust and baseless, in line with other constitutional aggressions" by Belgrade.

Kosovo's ethnic Albanians, who account for about 90 percent of Kosovo's 2 million people, want to secede from Serbia.

But Serbia insists Kosovo, considered the cradle of Serbia's medieval state and religion, should remain part of its territory.


Remember, it's all about Islam. Convert, submit, or die.

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