Monday, January 28, 2008

Muslims Rewriting History

This is more of what we can expect as we allow Jihadists to takeover parts of our communities...

The website of the Kosovo separatist Ministry for Commerce and Industry,, mentions the word "serb" only once on its entire site and the word itself is not even capitalized to represent a subject.

Bishop Teodosije expressed a sharp protest to the representatives of international diplomatic mission in Kosovo over the discriminatory attitude of the Kosovo Albanian separatist authorities toward the Serbian spiritual and cultural heritage.

"Our holy shrines are being represented once again as some sort of Illyrian-Albanian churches in the 'Byzantine-Kosovar' style, the medieval town of Novo Brdo is referred to as the Artana Fortress, and the existence of the Serbian Orthodox Church is openly not mentioned at all," said the Bishop.

Kosovo is a Serbian province administered by the UN with a mandate to provide peace and security.

"The crude falsification of history and complete negation of Serbia's heritage in Kosovo and Metohija are completely contrary to international promises and guarantees," says the Bishop.

Since 1999, Kosovo Muslim separatists have destroyed scores of churches built by Serbs over the centuries and have condemned Kosovo Serbs for refusing to take part in their separatist government.

Many Kosovo Serbs see their participation in the Muslim separatist government as a cultural and spiritual suicide that will help eradicate them from their own land.

"It's only logical to ask why, if all these ancient medieval churches in Kosovo and Metohija are supposedly 'Albanian', it was the Albanians who systematically destroyed and desecrated them during the post-war period," says Protosingel Sava Janjic.

Janjic notes that not one Muslim Albanian intellectual expressed any concern that scores of Serbian churches are being demolished across the province that are "cultural monuments for which Kosovo is known throughout the world".

The Organization of Islamic Conference, an umbrella body that sets broad agenda for the Islamic world, has on numerous occasions urged its members to do their best to assure that "Albanian Muslims in Kosovo... preserve their cultural heritage and Islamic identity against the" Serbs.

In 2004, Kosovo's Muslim separatists went on a pogrom of Christian Serbs killing many of them and destroying hundreds of churches across the province. Christians in the province are routinely attacked and killed and perpetrators are seldom, if ever, found.

Western powers along with Russia are seeking to find a status solution to the province but the Muslim separatist have warned that they will turn violent if their unilateral declaration of independence is not recognized. - Muslim separatists erase Kosovo Serb heritage


Anonymous said...

my friend, you have one of the best blogs on the net. About the Serbs...Clinton, is responsible for what is happneing there...Im sure he is throwing a party. Him and his Liberal mates put their power in play only to keep people oppressed and destroy them. His hand at destroying this people should be noted in history, yet again, muslims are not the only ones to re-write history, their American Liberal friends have been doing so in America for decades.


DMartyr said...

You mean the dhimmis in America. ;)

Thank you for visiting and commenting. Starting a new blog, its easy to get discouraged without some positive input. But having friends like you make it worth persevering.


A said...

I'll second anonymous, you have a very informative blog.

I also agree that Clinton and American Liberals are responsible, but since 2000 Bush and the neo-Conservatives have pushed the same anti-Serb agenda.

Future historians will document how the one in five hundred year opportunity to bring Russia into the Western Alliance was botched by Clinton and Bush, thus driving Russia into strategic alliance with China. The East will get the last laugh as world power shifts to Asia.

DMartyr said...

Thank you, A. I agree with you - when it comes to the war on "terrorism" (am I allowed to say that? It might offend some terrorists...), both conservative and democrats have failed the American people. It becomes clear that political careers are more important than protecting non-muslims, present and future.