Thursday, July 24, 2008

It Shouldn't Happen To Infidels Either...

Ignoring the victims of London's 7/7 bombing by Muslim terrorists, Channel 4 instead explores unreasonable anti-Muslim sentiment among the Infidels.

On the third anniversary of the London bombings, Britain’s Channel 4 screened an hour-long programme rhetorically titled “It Shouldn’t Happen to a Muslim” about the rise of anti-Muslim sentiment in the country since the fateful day on July 7, 2005 when four British-born Muslims of Pakistani origin blew themselves up on the London Underground killing 53 people in what, with a little journalistic licence, has been described as Britain’s worst terror attack in living memory.


Could it have something to do with the fact MUSLIMS are responsible for nearly all acts of terrorism in the world today?

Could it be that a majority of all world conflicts involve Muslim aggression?

Could it be that too many Muslims take violent verses from the quran literally - verses such as "And slay them wherever ye find them..." and promises great rewards in paradise for committing such acts of terrorism?

Or could it just be the entire ideology that teaches that all who reject the Islamic god and his pedophile prophet should be converted, subjugated, or killed?

Nah. It's probably just Islamophobia.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What Really Happened In Bosnia?

(Hat Tip: kuffarharbi at LGF)

NATO and the Western mass media told the public that the Bosnian Serbs had a racist and genocidal ideology, and committed atrocities.

Did they?

... It was Alija Izetbegovic, the leader of a minority Bosnian Muslim faction, the one that NATO supported, who wrote a book calling for the slaughter of infidels so that a Muslim takeover could install an Islamist theocracy in Bosnia.

Read the rest:

What really happened in Bosnia? Were the Serbs the criminal aggressors, as the official story claims, or were they the victims? (Part 1)

Painting fascists as victims, and their victims as fascists. The mainstream media turned Bosnia upside down. (Part 2)

Who started the war in Bosnia? And who committed genocide? (Part 3)


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Monday, July 14, 2008

Bombs Of Peace

Three Muslims on trial for attempting to destroy airliners mid-flight insist they never intended to hurt any innocent people:

The changes of plea form part of the defence for some of the accused, who say that while they might have been planning to carry out explosions, and had made martyrdom videos, they never intended to attack airliners or kill people.

Instead, according to Abdulla Ahmed Ali, the alleged ring leader of the plot, the men had planned to carry out a publicity stunt-type explosion -- possibly at the Houses of Parliament -- in order to draw attention to a documentary film they were planning to make criticising British and U.S. foreign policy.


Immediately, some may leap to the defense of Islam by claiming the Quran forbids the killing of innocent people. It does not. In Islam, only Muslims are ever considered innocent. Non-Muslims are considered to be the corrupted enemy of Allah. They are the ones Muhammad accused of spreading mischief and persecution throughout the land. And the punishment for them?

Execution, crucifixion, or mutilation. So, when a Muslim tells you Islam forbids the killing of innocent people, remember that non-Muslims are never innocent according to the religion of peace.


Innocence in Islam:

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Ahmad Batebi Escapes To America!!

This is WONDERFUL news! Ahmad Batebi, one of the most widely recognized political dissents from Iran, has made his way to freedom. In his honor, several months ago I made this inspirational poster:

I can't express the joy I felt upon hearing this news of his freedom. Gateway Pundit has quoted Ahmad as saying:

"I wish each and every Iranian could travel abroad, come to the U.S. or go to Europe, for just one week, and feel, smell, and breathe freedom, human dignity, and realize the value of their lives."

Although it comes a day late, this is the most perfect Independence Day gift I could imagine.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

IDF Cruelty

The cruelty of the IDF exposed at Gather your tissues before you go look.