Wednesday, December 5, 2007

West Supporting Radical Islam

Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Wednesday that strong Western support for Kosovo's independence was hampering talks between the Serbian province's ethnic Albanian majority and Belgrade.

"Regrettably, our Western partners are blocking such movement by saying that Kosovo's independence is unavoidable," Lavrov said at a news conference. He said the Serbs and the ethnic Albanians need to continue their talks on Kosovo's status until they reach a solution.

Keep in mind, "ethnic Albanians" are radicalized Muslims. In an incredibly PC effort to appear unbiased, Western nations are supporting Kosovo independence - that means another Islamic state. Serbs are already the minority in Kosovo. Albanian Muslims have demanded the right to dominate non-Muslims. What will happen to the Serb minority? Will they live in dhimmi communities, or will they just disappear while the West looks the other way?

My heart goes out to the Serbs.


GjinPali said...

There's no proof or evidence that " Kosova Albanians are radicalized Muslims". And the effort to recognize Kosova is not a PC seems to be the only way forward. Under Millosevic, the Kosovars were killed, deported enmasse, and had 120.000 homes burnt (this is a New York Times figure). It just is very hard to accept 'let's forget what happened and negotiate cohabitation'. Furthermore, the Serbs won't disappear if Kosova becomes independent. There will be EU troops on the ground and the Kosova Albanians will know better than to retaliate. Kosova Albanians are European citizens who want to be part of the European Union, just as the Croats, Macedonians, Bosniacs, Slovenians, Montenegrins, and Serbs. They deserve to do it in their own terms, as an independent state, responsible for its own European future.

Arius said...

The KLA was listed by the US Government as a terrorist organization until Clinton found it convenient to remove it from the terror list so that he could bomb Serbia to assist German ambitions in the Balkans. Slobodan Milosevic was acquitted by the international court of involvement with any atrocities in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Yes, atrocities were committed, in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo, but mostly by the Croatians, Bosnian-Muslims, and Kosovo-Muslims. Bosnian Muslims bombed their own people three times in marketplaces after pre-placing western journalists nearby in order to blame it on Serbs (confirmed by UN personnel on the ground and by multiple foreign intelligence services). The story about the massacre of 100,000 Kosovo Muslims is now known to be German intelligence disinformation. It’s sickening to think that America advanced German interests for the return of the fascists to Croatia and the advance of Islamic Jihadists in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo. All this will be lost on Westerners that are deceived by the Islamic strategy of taqiyya (concealment of malevolent intentions to advance Islam).