Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Serbian Muslims Damn Americans, Jews, Deny 9/11

These are the type people we saved from the brutal Serbian crackdown on Muslim extremism during the Kosovo war. More thanks from Islamic ingrates.

The accused Muslim terrorists whose trial started today in Serbia refused to rise when the judge entered the courtroom and later declared that they "acknowledge only Allah" and accused the Serbian prosecution of submitting an indictment that looks like it was written by the US President George Bush.

In the courtroom, the accused Muslims declared that Americans and Jews stood behind the 9/11 attacks and cursed both the Americans and Jews wishing that the Allah, the Muslim god, bring down damnation on the two peoples.

"When 2001 the Americans and Jews, may Allah damn them until the judgment day, brought down those buildings and accused the Muslims, it was ordered that we remove our beards. Chief of police in Novi Pazar told us that it is better that we do that ourselves then for him to remove them," said the accused Muslim Senad Ramovic.

Ramovic and 14 other Muslims are accused of conspiring to kill an Imam Muamar Zukorlic, bomb the US Embassy in Serb capital Belgrade and other objects across Serbia. Police found ammunition, weapons, bomb making material, videos glorifying suicide death for Jihad along with extensive communication files with various al-Qaeda terrorists in Bosnia and Saudi Arabia.

Ramovic told the court that no plan of attack existed and that the two training camps in the mountains that the police uncovered were locales where pious Muslims prayed. The weapons, says Ramovic, are collectable trophy weapons not intended for murder.


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