Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Anniversary Of A War Started By A Lie

History is written by the victors.

In the case of Kosovo, the Clinton Administration handed a decisive victory to IslamoFascists who, to this day, continue with the slaughter of innocent Serbians. Where are the humans rights advocates? Where is the humanitarian aid?

Either too embarrassed to admit their error, or too manipulated by Islamic terrorists, the dhimmis of the West refuse to acknowledge the plight of innocent non-Muslims in Kosovo. Sadly, for Serbs living in Kosovo, their history has been written.

A new holocaust is on the horizon, and the West is complicit.

Today marks the ninth anniversary since the 1999 Chief of an OSCE Mission to Kosovo, William Walker accused Serbs of massacring 45 civilians in a Kosovo village of Racak, an event used by the Clinton administration as a pretext to initiate a bombing campaign against Serbia claiming that Serbian forces were out to genocide 2 million Kosovo Albanians.

Nine years into this conflict, over two thirds of Serbs have been expelled or killed by the Muslim Albanians of Kosovo and the remaining Serbs are forced into ghettos reminiscent of Jews in the Nazi Germany.

However, the then head of the international monitors in Kosovo, William Walker, said that he had "absolutely no doubt" that Serb troops were killers even though the forensic experts, reported by the Berlin Zeitung, found that there is no proof that unarmed civilians were murdered in Racak.

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