Monday, March 24, 2008

Did Geert Wilders Fool Us?

Jihad Watch is questioning the existence of Geert Wilders "Fitna." It is a thought that occurred to me late last night when the movie failed to turn up. Surely a project as important as Wilder made the film out to be would have been worth a mirror site to the one Network Solutions suspended. Not to mention, many other sites, including Jihad Watch, have offered to host the film, if Wilder encounter more censorship.

Should the movie make an appearance, Al Salibiyyah will post it. Should this turn out to be an elaborate hoax to prove Islamic intolerance, all I can say is, Wilder succeeded. Not only in showing the world the rage Muslims express even to imagined and non-existent threats, but he also exposed how some companies, like Network Solutions, will immediately cower to Islamic intimidation.

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