Thursday, March 27, 2008

University Newspaper Apologises For Anti-Israel Diatribe

On March 20th, 2008, HonestReporting Canada exposed a university newspaper paper that justified the Mercaz Harav seminary terrorist attack in Jerusalem. Eight unarmed students, mostly children, were gunned down by a Palestinian terrorist.

Excalibur, a campus newspaper of York University, had written of the seminary:

"...The school has direct connections with the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), and its graduating students are those whom are committing a holocaust in Gaza in the Palestinians eyes."

The article goes on to suggest students at this seminary are being indoctrinated to hate an entire race of people, and staged protests inciting violence, not unlike the ragings of a certain, unnamed religious group:

"After this incident, thousands went out protesting in Jerusalem, cheering 'death to the Arabs!' Note here that they're wishing death to all Arabs whether they are Palestinians or not. This makes many understand, or at least assume, that the teachings of many of those whom have protested are against the Arabs as a whole, not just against the Palestinians."

The article has since been removed, but you can still read it here.

HonestReporting Canada is now reporting the campus newspaper has apologized.

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