Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sharia Justice In Action

This is how the Sharia punishes rapists:

This is how the Sharia punishes someone who shows Allah disrespect:

This is how the Sharia punishes a a rape victim:

Do you still need a reason to reject Islamic Law?

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Muslim Men Arrested For Raping Children

Why does this come as a surprise to some? Islam's own prophet raped a child, and his example is considered perfect.

TheOPINIONATOR has more:

On March 27, 2009 6 MUSLIM men (more coming) were arrested for the sexual exploitation and rape of little/young girls. - once again this despicable pedophile ring is located in Northern Britain. As usual, the police were obsessively concerned with muslim neighborhood sensitivities & political correctness -

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How To Defeat Islam

There are two ways. One is to expose it and the other is to laugh at it.

Go help defeat it.

Monday, March 23, 2009

"It is Not Forbidden to Think"

"Stop Islam. Islam has to stop killing people by stoning."

Islam & Graphic

An Iranian dissident was asked to remove an art display, "It Is Not Forbidden To Think," which quoted Qu'ran verses. The reason? Within hours of opening the exhibit, two or three females from the "religion of peace" attacked his work. I guess they think it is forbidden to think...

From Islam in Europe:

The exhibition "Det er ikke forbudt å tenke" ("It's not forbidden to think") was assembled at Porsgrunn library yesterday. In a series of 12 graphic images the artist, Ahmed Mashhouri, picked out the most controversial quotes from the Quran.

"My aim is not to insult anybody and their faith. It's to get a better understanding of the laws found in the Quran. These laws perhaps fit better in the old days, but today they just seem inhuman. I hope that my works will be a wake-up for my dear coreligionists," he says.

Mashhouri and his wife worked for human rights in Iran. They sought asylum in Norway and now live in Skien. The images were prepared in Norway and translated to Norwegian from Persian and English.

"In discussions people love to hear that such thing aren't found in the Quran. We want to show that they actually do," says Mashhouri.

When before Christmas the couple turned to the Telemark library in Ulefoss, they were invited to come.

On December 9th, the exhibit was assembled, but not many hours passed before there was a racket and two-three Muslim women attacked his images. Afterward he was contacted by the library and asked to remove the exhibition.

"I was disappointed, because I thought I was came to a country with freedom," says Mashhouri.


"It is Not Forbidden to Think" (Gates Of Vienna)

"It is not forbidden to think...is it?" (Jihad Watch)

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Muslim Dishonor

'Hannah Shah,' born into a Muslim family in the U.K., speaks about her father in an interview:

He is also an incestuous child abuser, repeatedly raping his daughter from the age of five until she was 15, ostensibly as part of her punishment for being "disobedient." At the age of 16 she fled her family to avoid the forced marriage they had planned for her in Pakistan. A much, much greater affront to "honour" in her family’s eyes, however, was the fact that she then became a Christian – an apostate. The Koran is explicit that apostasy is punishable by death; thus it was that her father the imam led a 40-strong gang – in the middle of a British city – to find and kill her.

This is the religion of peace, where a family's dishonor is not in the father abusing and raping a child, but in the child choosing her own path. This is what the media and our governments refuse to tell the public about the cult of Islam.

Read Hannah's entire heartbreaking, yet inspiring story at Amazon.com.

(Hat Tip: The Jawa Report)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Beloved, Remembered and Free, At Last

Pam Geller over at Atlas Shurgs is reporting some fantastic news! The town of Pelham has approved a memoriol for Aqsa Parvez, a young Muslim girl murdered by her father and brother for refusing to wear a hijab.

For more information and the background of this story, please visit Pam's website.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The BBC & Prophets

Are all 'prophets' equal? The BBC doesn't seem to think so...

UK: 1 In 7 Believe Beating Women Is Okay

Lightly, I'm sure...

Unfortunately, this survey does not distinguish cultural or religious beliefs. I would suspect that 1 in 7 is referring to 4:34.

The stereotypical Britain as one who is overly polite and passive is now a thing of the past.

One in seven people believe it is acceptable in some circumstances for a man to hit his wife or girlfriend if she is dressed in “sexy or revealing clothes in public”, according to the findings of a survey released today.

A similar number believed that it was all right for a man to slap his wife or girlfriend if she is “nagging or constantly moaning at him”.

The findings of the poll, conducted for the Home Office, also disclosed about a quarter of people believe that wearing sexy or revealing clothing should lead to a woman being held partly responsible for being raped or sexually assaulted.


Enjoy your decline, UK.

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Monday, March 9, 2009

So, It's Haraam?

Auschwitz Ale?

Some of Britain's school kids think Auschwitz is a type of beer rather than a Nazi death camp, according to a new study.

A survey of around 1,000 high school students aged 11 to 16 found 10 percent of youngsters were unsure of what it was and 2 percent thought it was a brand of beer.

Not surprising. How could they know what Auschwitz is when they've never been taught about it?

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The Religion of Peace: 75-Year-Old Woman To Be Flogged

The religion of peace.

An elderly Saudi Arabian woman, who had two unrelated men in her house at the same time, was sentenced to 40 lashes, UPI reported.

Khamisa Mohammed Sawadi, 75, was charged with offenses against Islam by the religious police after having a man she considers her son because he she breastfed him as a baby, and friend who was with him, in her house at the same time, UPI reported.

They were delivering bread to the woman, Sawadi told local media.

She is appealing her sentence.


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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Obama To Open Talks With Unicorns "Moderates" In The Taliban


Can such cluelessness exist?

Obama said in an interview with The New York Times published Sunday that there may be opportunities to reach out to moderates in the Taliban...

This isn't the 'change' you expected? Bet you'll listen next time, hippie!

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Nevada Joint Terrorism Task Force Targeting 'Paper Terrorists'

Why waste resources on arresting terrorists who want to impose the Sharia, commit random acts of mass murder, stone raped women to death, or behead those who refuse to submit to Islam?

It's those Jewish money launderers who are the real threat! /s

LAS VEGAS (AP) - Four members of an anti-government group have been arrested on charges that include money laundering, tax evasion and weapons possession [Ed: this article later states the 'weapons possession' is ONE unregistered machine gun], federal prosecutors said Friday.

Authorities said the four men are members of the Sovereign Movement, a group that attempts to overthrow the government and defy authority with "paper terrorism." The arrests in Las Vegas on Thursday capped a three-year investigation into the group's activities led by the Nevada Joint Terrorism Task Force, U.S. Attorney for Nevada Greg Brower said.

A grand jury indictment in federal court in Las Vegas names Samuel Davis, 54, of Council, Idaho; Shawn Rice, 46, of Seligman, Ariz.; Harold Call, 67, of Las Vegas; and Jan Lindsey, of Henderson.

Davis and Rice are accused of laundering roughly $1.3 million for undercover FBI agents, who described the money as loot from a bank fraud scheme. Davis and Rice are charged with one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering and 30 counts of money laundering. If convicted, they face up to 20 years in prison and a $500,000 fine on each count.

Davis was described by prosecutors as a national leader in the Sovereign Movement, whose members believe government licenses, taxes and currency are invalid. Rice described himself as a lawyer and rabbi devoted to anti-government teaching, authorities said.

Note the article doesn't say the arrested men committed the 'bank fraud scheme,' they are simply accused of laundering FBI money. And as for the tax evasion, the task force could have had more success investigating the Obama Administration.

If I were a Nevada resident, I would be interested in knowing how much of my tax money went into this investigation which netted only 4 suspects, charged with laundering a relatively small amount of money and possessing one unregistered rifle. And while we're at it, how much is being spent to combat real Homegrown Terrorism?

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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Friday, March 6, 2009

A Case Against Gun-Control

In this day and age of Islamic terrorism, gun-control is something we absolutely do not need. Israel demonstrates perfectly how guns can protect citizens.

(IsraelNN.com) Two police officers were wounded in Jerusalem shortly after 1:00 p.m. when an Arab-driven tractor plowed into their vehicle. The officers, though hurt, fired at the terrorist, as did a civilian, and the terrorist was killed.


Two similar attacks using tractors or bulldozers were perpetrated by eastern Jerusalem Arabs in July 2008. In the first one, three people were murdered in their cars, while in the second one, no one was killed, though over 30 people were injured. Civilians on the scene shot and killed the terrorist in both incidents.

(Hat Tip: Avid)

Video of the incident:

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Newsweek Labels Israel "Palestinian Territory"

I see Brian is on the ball with the story about Newsweek's latest cover. The dhimmis at Newsweek suggest how to 'live' with radical Islam. I'm assuming that's not an inside joke, and that in 'live' they mean accepting as a part of life, as opposed to mocking victims of Islamic terrorists.

I could be wrong there.

But Newsweek online also includes this interactive map. If you mouse-over the 'Palestinian Territory', you get this:

(Click for full screenshot)

FYI, that's a map of ISRAEL, not Palestine.

Hmm, now I'm starting to believe that 'live' is a bad dhimmi joke...

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[UPDATE] Infidel Blogger's Alliance not too long ago posted The Evolution of an Appeaser. It included a list of failed strategies that ultimately led to WW2:

  • Stage 1 (negation): Germany is not at all rearming.

  • Stage 2 (bagatellisation): Okay, but not very much.

  • Stage 3 (relativating): Okay, but in relation to GB, France and Soviets, it is a tiny army.

  • Stage 4 (psychologization): Okay, but try to understand how they must feel surrounded, yes, under siege by many other nations!

  • Stage 5 (disengagement): Okay, but now it is too dangerous to confront them.

  • Stage 6 (appeasement): For hell, don't provoke them! That will only worsen the situation.

  • Stage 7 (resignation): We can't do anything about it.

When I initially read this, I optimistically thought us between stage 4 and stage 5. It seems Newsweek would leap straight to stage 7...