Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Kosovo Muslims: No Talks, Just Give Us What We Demand

Translation: convert, submit, or die.

Leaders of the breakaway Serbian province of Kosovo will not negotiate the future status of the province after a December 10 UN deadline, its representatives said Tuesday after talks with Serbian officials.

"Kosovo is not ready to continue any sort of engagement after December 10," Skender Hyseni, a spokesman for the Kosovo delegation, told journalists on the second day of talks with Serbia on the province's future.

The ethnic Albanian dominated province, which has been ruled by the U.N. since an international campaign to end a Serbian crackdown in 1999, wants self-government but Serbia is refusing to let Kosovo go.

European Union, Russian and U.S. mediators are leading the latest talks and are to submit a report on Kosovo to U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on December 10, effectively ending negotiations between the two sides.

Why are Infidels so stubborn? Don't they realize an Islamic Caliphate is the future of our world? All Muslims want is the peace that will only come when non-Muslims finally convert, submit, or die.

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