Monday, March 10, 2008

No Gays In Iran

I suppose the fact that anyone who admits to homosexual tendencies are immediately tortured and executed has nothing to do with the fact there are no gays in Iran, as Ahmadinejad claims.

There are plenty of "rapists." A common punishment for "rapists" in Iran is public hanging (actually, its strangulation - the victim has a noose placed around his or her neck and then they are hoisted into the air by a crane) or placed in a sack, beaten, and then throw off a cliff.

But Iran's definition of "rapist" is not the same as that of civilized people. It is not a sexual crime against a woman. When a man forces intercourse or sodomy with an unwilling woman, Iran simply stones her to death for being unchaste. Since Allah didn't send four male witnesses to support the woman's claim of rape, no crime occurred.

No, in Iran, homosexuals are called "rapists." The world is much less inclined to react with outrage if it's just a "rapist" being executed rather than a gay.

Matt over at The Carden Chronicles has more about the lack of gays in Iran:

This is one of those cases that I am sure will give heartburn to some of my readers, however, I ask everyone to take a deep breath and look through the surface issue and look instead at the barbarity of Iran.

Mehdi Kazemi, 19, came to Great Britain in 2005 to attend school. However, his situation has changed from being a student to running for his life. Kazemi is gay. His boyfriend was arrested, tortured and then hanged by the Government of Iran- not for murder, or rape, but simply because he was gay. Now Kazemi has been told by his father, that if he returns to Iran, he will be tortured and hung as well.

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