Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Muslims Destroy Giant "Subversive" Teapot

You read that correctly. The irony is, the giant teapot was made by a Muslim in a gesture of friendship to those of other faiths. Islamic hardliners were unimpressed.

A religious commune in Malaysia's Muslim heartland that worshipped a bizarre collection of structures including a giant teapot, vase and umbrella was being torn down yesterday.

About 40 workers with bulldozers and lorries destroyed the "subversive" teapot and other symbols of the pan-religious Sky Kingdom, in Terengannu state. An assembly hall, a concrete boat and a temple-like structure that was under construction were also demolished. About 30 members of the commune watched but did not intervene.

Members and visitors to the commune believe that water from the teapot, which poured into the giant vase, held purifying powers. They follow the teaching of Ariffin Mohammed, 65, better known as Ayah ("Master") Pin, who holds that every religion is equally valid and that anyone can find his or her own path to God. His settlement has been a popular destination for Muslim, Chinese and Indian Malaysians, as well as foreign tourists.

http://www.telegraph.co.uk - Bulldozers tear down giant religious teapot

It's good they tore it down. Otherwise, radical Muslims might have been forced to do something like murder, rape, or riot.

The religion of peace.

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