Tuesday, April 29, 2008

World War & the Religion of Peace

Neal Boortz did an excellent segment on the definition of the word 'peace.' I wish I could link you to the audio that aired on his program. I think that was much better than text version below.

In the audio version, Neal asks the poignant question that if the liberal definition of 'peace' is the absence of hostility, how much freedom are you willing to sacrifice for peace? How many rights are you willing to surrender to Islamofascists in order to avoid war?

Muslims are hoping quite a bit.

During the cold war the Soviet Communists were fond of the "peace" word also. To Soviets "peace" was defined as an absence of opposition to the communist movement. The Soviets and their fellow travelers loudly proclaimed that the USA was a threat to world peace. By their definition they were exactly right. We were, thank god.

So, what do these 60% of Brits who think that Bush is a threat to world peace mean by the word? Dictionary.com defines peace as "the absence of war or other hostilities." Well, we are most certainly at war, a war against Islamic terrorism; and it is George Bush who declared that war and it is George Bush who is pursuing it. George Bush has made it clear that as long as he is in the White House he will pursue and attempt to destroy anyone who threatens the safety and security of Americans either in their homeland or abroad. Islamic terrorists have made their pledge to attack, destroy and kill Americans wherever they find them. They have already attacked us on our soil. Bush has responded with war.

I guess the bottom line here is that there are times when peace is not the goal, when peace is not the preferred state of affairs. When you have a group of well armed and financed religious fanatics, in many cases state sponsored, threatening to kill as many Americans as they can, you have a need to respond ... with force. It's no time for peace. Peace can return when the threat is ended.

Monday, April 28, 2008

The First Pedestrian Death By Automobile

Okay, so not really on this date, but the story is interesting none the less.

On August 17th, 1896, Bridget Driscoll became the very first pedestrian casualty of the automobile.

Ms. Driscoll step off a kerb straight into path of a demonstration car driven by Arthur Edsel. Edsel was accused of reckless driving - traveling at the blistering speed of 4 mph. Witnesses claimed Edsel was driving the car 'like a firetruck,' while Edsel claimed he was only ringing his bell as a warning to Ms. Driscoll.

Below is a modern rendition of what that dreadful accident must have been like on that day in August, 1896:

Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Dutch To Outlaw Inducers of "Life-Threatening Behaviour"

No, the Netherlands are not going to crack down on 'Honor' crimes in Muslim communities in which over 158 cases were reported during the same year. (There's no telling how many were not reported, or simply listed as 'balcony suicides'.) That doesn't even begin to touch the number of Islamic-related violent crimes committed against the average Dutch citizen.

The inducers of "life-threatening behaviour" is none other than hallucinogenic mushrooms, apparently a much greater threat than millions of radical Muslims who refuse to assimilate:

The Dutch cabinet has proposed a ban on the sale of all hallucinogenic "magic" mushrooms because they could induce life-threatening behaviour.


Figures from the Amsterdam emergency services show there were 55 call-outs for mushroom-related incidents in 2004, a figure which had more than doubled by 2006 to 128, with the majority of youngsters involved coming from Britain.

It's good to see Western governments dealing with the real threats we face...


Saturday, April 26, 2008

Europe Died in Auschwitz

Ahmadsquran at YouTube

Saudi Blogger Freed!

If you look down my sidebar, you'll see this:

The blogger that badge refers to has finally been released. After 138 days in prison without a charge, blogger Fouad Alfarhan has been freed. From Saudi Jeans blog:

I woke up around 5:30 this morning on the beeping of my iPhone which received a short message from the wife of my friend and fellow blogger Fouad al-Farhan telling me that Fouad has been released and that he is back home with his family now. That’s great news and this is just how I wanted to start my morning!

He was imprisoned for critical writings about Saudi Arabia:

Fouad Al-Farhan remains in detention for refusing to apologize for his writings critical of corruption and lack of freedom Saudi Arabia, where he hopes meaningful reform will enable his children have a better life.

Fouad's daughter posted this video message little more than a month ago:

One small victory for the freedom of thought.

Muslim Cleric Compares Freedom of Thought With Criminal Theft Of Personal Property

The freedom of thought is a basic human right to not only have independent beliefs that may differ from traditional opinions, but to also express those thoughts in a peaceful manner. This includes questioning some of Islam's unjust practices and punishments which disproportionately target women and non-Muslims.

Islam rejects such expressions of humanity. Freedom of thought in Islam equates to freedom to steal another's beliefs. In other words, questioning the primitive, barbaric practices of Islam may cause others to lose faith in Islam.

A Saudi cleric warns Muslims to oppose such freedom of thought:

"Freedom of thought, within some constraints, is blessed. Islam calls for thinking, for interpretation, and for the use of the mind. But as for freedom of heresy, which allows anyone to criticize whatever he wants in Islam, saying, for example, that he does not like the punishment for apostasy, that he doesn't like the punishment for drinking alcohol, or that he does not like the punishment of stoning adulterers - this is barbarism.

"They ask: Why should a thief have his hand chopped off? Some of them say that this is 'too much.' Two-three much on you and your rotten mind. If you abolish this punishment, you will see the rise in thefts. On the other hand, people feel their property is secure because of this punishment."

A Muslim's belief in Muhammad as a prophet is only secure so long as no one expresses thoughts contrary to traditional teachings. A Muslim is only a Muslim while his or her faith remains unchallenged by logic or rationality. The religion of Islam only exists in narrow minds that refuse to be exposed to reason.

Remember, the next time you insult the prophet Muhammad or the cult of Islam, you are stealing a Muslim's preconceived notion of what Islam ideally should be. It is irrelevant that his or her notions may be incompatible with reality or human rights. According to Islam, his/her right to believe Muhammad was a messenger of god and Islam being the one true faith far outweighs your right to expose inconsistencies or deceptions with regard to the same.

It is no wonder people question whether a democracy can co-exist with Islam, or vice versa. When forced to choose between a basic human freedom or a backward, 7th century death cult, one-fifth of the human population chooses the latter.

Friday, April 25, 2008

The latest from Pat Condell:

Allah Pranks A Faithful Follower

Allah loves dark humour. I love dark humour. Does that make me a Muslim?

Video: Suicide Bombing Gone Bad (At least for the bomber)

WARNING! I've linked the video instead of embedding it because it is very graphic. It is not for the faint of heart.

In response to commenters on my tsunami of [censored: "crap"] post, a reminder of how Palestine responded to the deaths of 3,000 innocent civilian Americans.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Allah Works In Mysterious Ways

The best laugh I've had in ages was last year when Palestinian terrorists, and their supporters, died in a tsunami of shit. Who says Allah doesn't have a sense of humour?

Aziza heard someone shouting, telling her to run away. She got out of the hut, then went back in because she had forgotten her head covering.

The wall of raw human waste slammed into them. It knocked her down and tore the baby from her arms.

He drowned. They found his body against the wall of the mosque a hundred metres away.

So, what have the "freedom fighters" of Palestinian done to prevent another cosmic joke in my Islamophobic universe? Absolutely nothing.

Sadi said that the lakes [of untreated sewage] are 11m (36ft) higher than the surrounding land, and only the earth walls around them hold the muck in.

In this single spot alone - and he said other parts of Gaza were as bad - the lakes were so big that if the dykes burst a tsunami of sewage 6m (20ft) or 7m (23ft) high would swamp an area inhabited by 10,000 people.

Sadi Ali worries that a stray bomb or missile could break a dyke.

I have no doubt Sadi is concerned about terrorist missiles or bombs, right? But I'm certain Sadi values his life too much to suggest the Palestinian government should spend more money on the welfare of Gaza residents rather than the arming of Palestinian militants or blaming the Jews for their predicament.

Either way it works out for me. There'll be peace, or another tsunami of Islamic karma to brighten my day.

Allahu achbar!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Synchronized Swim Team Drowns In Synch

(Hat Tip: Fark.com)

Which is totally cool, if you ask me. They get a perfect 10 for dedication alone.

The swimmers, ages 11, 12 and 13, had been in the Kenmore pool about 15 minutes when they began having difficulty, head coach Julie Abel said.

"One of them was hanging on a rope and a coach saw her slip underwater," team president Craig Penner said. "The coach jumped in and pulled her out, then looked back and saw two other girls on the bottom of the pool."

All the girls survived the routine and seem to be doing well.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Midget Fight

A video clip of people who have little patience and short tempers. Not for the squeamish.

Final Moments Of A Terrorist Sympathizer

The final moments of a terrorist sympathizer who happened to have journalist credentials:

I don't know why everyone is complaining - he's getting his 373,248 virgins, isn't he?

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Liveleak Turning Dhimmitube?

A few weeks ago, I couldn't praise Liveleak enough for having the courage to post the controversial video "Fitna." But now I'm wondering if the backlash isn't taking its toll on the video hosting site.

In an earlier post, I directed readers to a Youtuber who shares video lessons about Islam. With the author's permission, I've been uploading the series to Liveleak using my own channel. Until Fitna came along, none had been rejected. Suddenly, without reason or explanation, the video lessons are being rejected.

I hope Liveleak hasn't fallen into the pits of censorship and dhimmitude.

UPDATE: Liveleak just contacted me and assured me it was not the content of the videos, but the number of videos I uploaded at once. It seems the system thought it was spam. Thanks, Liveleak! :)

"They Hit Us Back First!"

It seems Hamas, and the U.N., are a bit upset Israel had the audacity to retaliate to an attack which killed several IDF troops.

Hamas is now vowing revenge. Again.

Gaza City, 17 April (AKI) - The Islamist Palestinian group, Hamas, has vowed to avenge the deaths of 20 Palestinians, including five children, killed during clashes with Israeli troops in the past two days.

According to the Arab network, Al-Jazeera, Hamas issued the warning on Thursday as thousands of people gathered in the Gaza Strip for the funeral of a cameraman killed as he covered the Israeli raids.


The United Nations condemned the Israeli raids that also killed two leaders from the Islamic Jihad's armed wing the al-Quds Brigades.

The Israeli raids took place after three Israeli soldiers were killed on Wednesday in a clash with Palestinian militants.

Seriously, if you Israelis would just roll over and die, the muslims would be happy and leave the rest of the world alone.

At least that's what they say.

Friday, April 18, 2008

The Culture of Death

This video series is HIGHLY recommended. Listen to more of these lessons at youtube or visit the official site.

Like They Really Need a Reason To Kill Something...

The religion of death peace once again proves its kindness and humanity. Muslims are, of course, 'peaceful' people since they only eat 'peaceful' animals...

GAZA (Reuters) - A rare giant sea turtle caught on a beach near Gaza City was slaughtered and eaten by Palestinian fishermen who said its blood was an aphrodisiac, among other therapeutic qualities.

As the turtle's throat was slit on Thursday night in front of a crowd, one fisherman said a sip of its blood was "as good as Viagra", referring to the popular anti-impotence treatment.

Children were later seen using a part of the shell as a surfboard.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pizza For The IDF

Order a pizza for a patrol, or for a company. Either way, for as little as $20 you can show Troops in the IDF your support!

(You can send Burgers & Soda instead by clicking HERE.)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Maybe They Didn't Pay Their Jizya?

Iran is destroying ancient synagogues. So much for non-Muslim rights in a Muslim country...

Tehran, 15 April (AKI) - Seven ancient synagogues in the Iranian capital, Tehran, have been destroyed by local authorities.

The synagogues were in the Oudlajan suburb of Tehran, where many Iranian Jews used to live.


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What Does Religion Have to Do With History? Just About Everything.

I’m back.

While I was away, one of the things I did was to read the aptly titled book, World History For Dummies by Peter Haugen, a University of Wisconsin lecturer. For those of you unfamiliar with these Dummies books, the series covers a variety of topics in simple and easy to understand language. World History For Dummies, however, seems to be written for just that segment of the population who, incapable of independent thought, instead, rely on the increasingly politically correct revisionist history.

What does the title of this post have to do with the book? It’s the opening line of chapter nine, Believing and Believers. But when it comes to the religion of Islam, the author appears to have lost sight of the very thing he claims has everything to do with world history.

One most obvious revision I noted was the author’s ignorance, or perhaps deliberate deception, about the Crusades. As he writes it, the implication is that Christians Crusaders were nothing more than rampaging marauders (pg. 175):

The Crusades, which began in the eleventh century as European Christian attacks in the Islamic Seljuk Turk rulers of Palestine, left bad feelings. So did territorial clashes as Christians struggled to take Spain away from its Muslim rulers, the Moors.

Christian attacking. Christians taking.

The author further describes the politically correct reasons for the Crusades (pg. 96):

The Crusades began in 1095, when diverse Europeans, answering a call from the pope and united in religious zeal (or so they said), tried to free [Ed: emphasis is author’s, not mine] the Holy Land, Palestine, from its new Seljuk Turk rulers. (Nobody asked the people living in Palestine if they wanted to be freed.)

I doubt anyone bothered to ask if the people living in Palestine wanted to be ruled by Seljuk Turks either. The author glosses over four centuries of Islamic violence and aggression that preceded the initial Crusade with only a brief mention of Turks “messing” with Christians visiting holy shrines. I’m guessing by “messing,” the author doesn’t mean the genocide that was being committed by Muslims against Jews and Christians. I suppose that’s just another sanitized word to add to the ever growing PC Islamic dictionary, joining terms such as jihad, meaning inner struggle (wink, wink) or mischief makers, those who oppose Allah’s tyranny or respect, the violent, and sometimes lethal, oppression of women in order to protect their honor. But I digress.

Muslims, after all, are the ultimate victims of retaliating Christian ‘adventurers’:

Even worse for the pope were reports that the Turks were messing with pilgrims on their way to shrines in the Holy Land. As Muslims, the Seljuk rulers had little reason to protect these Christian travelers, easy picking for robbers. The pope got so ticked off that in 1095 he called for a war to make Jerusalem safe for Christians again. The Crusades, the answer to his call, may have started out as idealistic religious adventures, but they descended into brutal wars of hatred and greedy opportunism.

Wars of hatred? Greedy opportunism? One only needs to look back to the life and times of Muhammad, Islam’s fanciful prophet, to understand the true meaning of those two phrases.

The author’s closing summary of the Crusades is befitting the modern day moonbat dogma of anti-American sentiment and Bush derangement syndrome (pg. 98):

[European] Rulers put their resources toward an imperial venture in a systematic way, setting a precedent for the exercise of power. Christendom became militant, confident of its ability to stomp other parts of the globe.

This author is, no doubt, completely oblivious to Islamofascism infesting our modern world. (In the author’s defense, the book was published pre-9/11) Not only does he ignore the major role of Islam in our tumultuous world history, he insidiously refuses to even place any blame.

I next decided to examine Islamic terrorism in general according to World History For Dummies. Published in 2001, the book should certainly address religiously motivated terrorism such as the many suicide bombings and missile attacks against Israeli civilians. This is the complete section on terrorism (pgs. 295 – 296):

While the targets of guerilla forces are generally military, or at least within an area at war, terrorist violence frequently seems indiscriminate and arbitrary – as in the bombing of a shopping mall, a city bus, or a commercial airliner full of tourists.

The perpetrators are usually minority groups who feel that violence is the only way they can advance their cause, often the overthrow of established order. By definition, terrorists use terror – fear of the next unpredictable strike – as a weapon.

The Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA), a nationalist group that wanted to reunite British-controlled Northern Ireland with the self-ruled Irish Republic, was frequently labeled terrorist in the period from the 1970s to the 1990s. Although IRA bombs were often directed at military targets, they also went off among passersby in English cities.

Terrorists, though often labeled criminals, usually consider themselves warriors – engaged in honorable [Ed: again, the author’s emphasis, not mine] acts of battle. Some are even sanctioned by governments. Iraq and Libya are two nations frequently accused of financing terrorist factions in the late twentieth century.

Terrorism is even more difficult to defend against than guerilla war. Toward the end of the twentieth century, it became theoretically possible to build a satellite-based missile defense system to automatically shoot down threatening nuclear missiles in flight. Yet no scientist had come up with a way to keep a terrorist from smuggling a bomb – conceivably even a nuclear bomb – across international borders, in the hold of an airplane, or even the trunk of a car.

So, Islamic terrorism is mentioned how many times? None. Ironic given that 87% of all religiously based terrorist groups are Islamic, that virtually all acts of terrorism are committed by Muslim fanatics, and that a majority of all the world’s ongoing major conflicts involves Islam. Yet, this author has chosen to not even mention the “religion of peace” in the context of terrorism in his 350+ page book of world history, except for one brief passage in the section about ‘Clashing cultures’, which, of course, places blame on the West:

The enmity of some Islamic extremists toward what they term Western decadence, toward Israel, and toward the policies of the United States and its allies in the Middle East took the form of terrorist attacks in the late twentieth century, including the bombings of commercial airliners.

The extremist are an infinitesimally small, if attention-getting, fraction of the 1.1 billion Muslims worldwide.

Reading this book, and others like it, it’s easy to see how many are duped into accepting terrorists as martyrs or freedom fighters and victims as aggressors. The IRA, a nationalistic organization which targeted the military and often issued warnings prior to attacks, is suddenly more vile and worthy of terrorism mention than Islamic radicals who purposely target innocent civilians.

It is a testament to the politically correct world in which we live that a book on the history of that world scarcely mentions Islam as a perpetrator of violence. But what does religion have to do with human history?

Just about everything.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Hamas and Carter


Could this man possibly be the WORST President in the history of the United States??? Jimmy Carter continues to embarrass this nation in ways only traitors could dream of. The ex-Presidents of the U.S. should be still held accountable for what they say and do, and this peanut farmer from Georgia needs to retire from public life altogether and just DISAPPEAR for his final years on this planet.

NEW YORK CITY — Former President Jimmy Carter is reportedly preparing an unprecedented meeting with the leader of Hamas, an organization that the U.S. government considers one of the leading terrorist threats in the world.

The Arabic-language newspaper Al-Hayat reported Tuesday that Carter was planning a trip to Syria for mid-April, during which he would meet with Khaled Meshal, the exiled head of the Palestinian terror group Hamas, on April 18.

Deanna Congileo, Carter’s press secretary, confirmed in an e-mail to FOXNews.com that Carter will be in the Mideast in April. Pressed for comment, Congileo did not deny that the former president is considering visiting Meshal.

“President Carter is planning a trip to the Mideast next week; however, we are still confirming details of the trip and will issue a press release by the end of this week,” wrote Congileo. “I cannot confirm any specific meetings at this point in time.”

Meshal, who lives in Syria to avoid being arrested by the Israeli government, leads Hamas from his seat in Damascus, where he is a guest of Bashar al-Assad's regime.

The State Department has designated Hamas a "foreign terrorist organization," and some groups hold Meshal personally responsible for ordering the kidnapping of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. State Department spokesman Sean McCormack once said of the prospect of meeting with Meshal, "That's not something that we could possibly conceive of."Some Carter critics called the latest reports typical of the ex-president.

“It’s about par for the course from President Carter, demonstrating a lack of judgment typical of what he does," said John Bolton, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. "To go to Syria to visit Hamas at this point is just an ill-timed, ill-advised decision on his part."

“I’m not surprised that Carter would do this, as he has been supporting Palestinian extremism for many years,” said Steve Emerson, director of the Investigative Project on Terrorism, a watchdog group.

Read the rest here

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Israel : "We'll destroy Iran"

This is why all good and decent people of the world must stand with Israel now.
They seem to be the only nation on the planet [take notice U.S.A] with the guts to respond to Islamic annihilation rhetoric with in your face, defiant responses like this.

JERUSALEM – Israel will "destroy" Iran if Tehran decided to launch a war against the Jewish state, Israeli Infrastructure Minister Benjamin Ben-Eliezer said today.

The unusually harsh warning from Ben-Eliezer, a former defense minister, was delivered as the official visited his ministry's war room, which took part today in a massive, nationwide, weeklong drill that is set to include simulated chemical missile attacks on central Israel.

"The Iranians won't rush to attack Israel, because they understand the significance such action would have and are well aware of our strength," Ben-Eliezer told reporters. "However, Iran continues to aggravate the situation by supplying arms to Syria and Hezbollah, and we must deal with this."

The minister said this week's war drill "is not a meaningless spectacle or a fictional scenario. The future reality is likely to be a number of times harsher than that which we recognize now. We are confronted with a situation where the home front becomes the front line."

"In a future war, it will be much safer to live in (the northern towns of) Nahariya and Shlomi instead of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, since I expect that in the opening attack hundreds of missiles will strike Israel," Eliezer said. "There will be no place in the country which is not within range of Syria and Hezbollah's rockets."

Read the rest

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Why The Dutch Are Wrong

While surfing around for news worthy of blogging, I stumbled upon this great post at The New Media Journal. "Fitna" is the subject of the article written by Mark Silverberg:

The MEMRI blog reported that the Dutch government had even sent a letter disavowing Mr. Wilders to Sheikh Muhammad Sayyed Tantawi, Sunni Islam's foremost figure who has called for a jihad against U.S. forces in Iraq and sanctioned suicide bombings against Israeli women and children. The online Dutch site NIS News Bulletin reported that Dutch Prime Minister Jan-Peter Balkenende "stressed repeatedly and with irritation that Wilders and no one else was responsible for any violence that might break out after his film's release" and according to a story in the German publication Der Spiegel, he met with none other than Iran's foreign minister, who advised him to use an article from the 1948 Declaration of Human Rights to prevent the film's showing.

Following the lead of their Prime Minister and consistent with its growing national d’himmitude (accepted second-class status under Shari’a law) Dutch television stations refused to air the video out of sheer fear. In fact, the U.S. Internet provider that advertised the video suspended its Web site and feared even to list the URL at which the movie could be seen, and, to the surprise of no one, the U.N. Human Rights Council adopted a resolution deploring the use of the media to "incite acts of violence, xenophobia or related intolerance and discrimination towards Islam" or other religions. The European Union (the principal motor behind the Islamization of Europe) was quick to reassure the Islamic world that the whole idea of “free speech” was probably overrated and Thomas Landen of The Brussels Journal reported that one of the most respected Dutch journalists, Henk Hofland, had urged the Dutch government to withdraw state protection from Mr. Wilders who currently lives under constant threat of assassination.

These reactions confirm the fundamental problem within European society. While the international community is pre-occupied with condemning Geert Wilders for producing a video on the barbaric manifestations of jihadism, no one is denying the facts presented in the video.

Read the rest

9/11 Conspiracist Debates Al Qaeda

(Hat Tip: Jawa Report)

An al Qaeda terrorist debates a 9/11 conspiracy theorist.

Brought to us by The Onion.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Imam: Murder & Rape Of Infidels Justified

FoxNews.com is reporting something that internet Crusaders have known for a while - radical Muslims believe they are justified in killing and raping non-Muslims because, to them, rejecting Allah and his messenger Muhammad is a crime against Islam.

A report posted on Islam Watch, a site run by Muslims who oppose intolerant teachings and hatred for unbelievers, exposes a prominent Islamic cleric and lawyer who support extreme punishment for non-Muslims — including killing and rape.

A question-and-answer session with Imam Abdul Makin in an East London mosque asks why Allah would tell Muslims to kill and rape innocent non-Muslims, including their wives and daughters, according to Islam Watch.

"Because non-Muslims are never innocent, they are guilty of denying Allah and his prophet," the Imam says, according to the report. "If you don't believe me, here is the legal authority, the top Muslim lawyer of Britain."

The lawyer, Anjem Choudary, backs up the Imam's position, saying that all Muslims are innocent.

"You are innocent if you are a Muslim," Choudary tells the BBC. "Then you are innocent in the eyes of God. If you are not a Muslim, then you are guilty of not believing in God."

Choudary said he would not condemn a Muslim for any action.

"As a Muslim, I must support my Muslim brothers and sisters," Choudary said. "I must have hatred to everything that is not Muslim."

Below is Anjem Choudary on video saying that Muslims are always innocent, and non-Muslims are always guilty. It doesn't take much of a stretch of the imagination to understand why so many young Muslims are becoming more and more radicalized.

Read the entire disturbing story behind this FoxNews article at Islam Watch. If that doesn't send chills down your spine about what Muslims are being taught behind closed Mosque doors, nothing will.

Family WatchDog - A Website Every Parent Should Know

Straying a bit from the usual blog content, but I thought this information is important to know...

This is a link every parent should have bookmarked. The Family WatchDog is a national sex offender registry. It has a search engine that will display all known sex offenders on a localized map. Just type in a nearby street, your city and zip code. You'll be surprised at how many live near you.

It also has an option to search by names, so you can check on people who may have contact with your children.

Go explore the site and, if you have children, consider using some of the great features the organization offers, such as free notification when a sex offender moves into your area.

Things That Offend Muslims

As a public service announcement, I thought I'd educate our readers on a few things they should avoid so as not to offend our Muslim friends.

The Amboy Times blog brings us a work in progress (about people in regress):

Things That Offend Muslims

Fitna Down & Up

LiveLeak is reporting Geert Wilders has removed the Fitna film in order to make some edits. If you click over to LiveLeak, you get this message instead of the video:

This media item has been removed by the uploader!

Reason from user 'Geert_Wilders': "deleted due to copyright issues...will upload edited version shortly..."

As of this morning, the embedded video still plays if you want to watch it:

Quick Quiz

Who said:

"I am sad because my people are in bondage. If I drink water I will have to go to the bathroom and how can I use the bathroom when my people are in bondage?"

Saddam Hussein, to U.S. interrogators.

But that doesn't explain this atrocity:

Aliens Are Our Friends When They're Not Bursting Out Of Our Abdomen...

One Russian scientist claims Aliens destroyed a large meteor to protect earth:

Aliens downed Tunguska meteorite to protect our planet from devastation, stated Russian scientist Yuriy Lavbin. He showed 10 quartz crystals that he found at the place of the meteorite’s crash. Several of the crystals have holes in between, so they can be united in a chain.

What could this chain serve for? Besides, some crystals have strange drawings on them. We don’t have any technologies that can print such kind of drawings on crystal. We also found ferrum silicate that can not be produced anywhere but in the space”, - the scientist states.