Thursday, March 13, 2008

Read The Quran To Understand Islam

How many times have you heard that?

Below is a letter written by a Muslim currently in jail for killing his daughter in an "honor killing". Here is someone who read the Quran, and believes he was justified in killing his own child in a most brutal and savage way.

That tells me more about Islam than the Quran ever could.

This letter was translated and posted at Islam In Europe.

I beg you my brother! I suffer every day and every hour. Be kind to do one thing for God's cause. Nobody gets to own this world (have the world to yourself) - neither I, you or any other. You do a good deed, you'll be paid and don't help the infidel.

It says in the Koran: God can't suffer the infidel.

It says in the prophet's tradition: whoever follows a nation becomes one of them. That means, his place is in hell's fire. I will ask you to listen to me and help your brother and a poor woman, whose children wait for her.

This are my last words with you. I will say to you that this world is too small and it's possible we'll meet one day in Iraq or another country. God's earth is big. If you don't help Suheyla in this crisis, you'll have conflicts with me. I will murder you like I murdered the infidel Sonay.

She wanted to do perversity every day with the infidel swine. She had committed perversity two times before me and I murdered her with my own hand.

It's perversity. God, praised and glorified says: don't pervert the earth - and the infidel say that they are good.

Read the holy koran then you'll understand Islam.

Read the prophet's tradition (god bless and preserve him) and the prophet's life (god bless and preserve him) in the following books: author, Ebn Al-Kathir. Author, Al-Bukhary. Author, Albany.

Then you'll understand. You have Fatwa on cassette, if you understand it, then you begin to cry, I have friends, we are all engaged together only in God's religion.

Greetings my brother.

God guide you on a right path.

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