Thursday, May 29, 2008

Death of al Dura - HOAX?

One of the greatest pieces of propaganda to come out of Pallywood has been deemed questionable by a Court of Appeals in France.

The Israeli army, using the angles of the shots, demonstrated that the gunfire could not have come from their position. The independent investigators led by Philippe Karsenty, a director of the Media-Ratings watchdog, went further and said the scenes had been staged and that report was a “hoax”.

He was successfully sued for defamation but opted to press on to a higher court.

Last week, he was vindicated. Senior French judge Laurence Trebucq, sitting on the Court of Appeals in the Palais de Justice, acquitted Karsenty and ruled against France 2 and its reporter, Enderlin. They now intend to take the matter to the nation’s highest court, which rules on technicalities, not facts.

Judge Trebucq’s meticulous ruling upheld - point-by-point - Karsenty’s case against the al-Durra footage.

The inflammatory report was essentially destroyed when he ordered the government-owned broadcaster to produce all the raw footage shot of the incident and instead of a few seconds of film, an 18-minute excerpt, still not the complete sequence, was shown to the court.

It revealed staged battle scenes, rehearsed ambulance evacuations - but nothing to substantiate the toxic television report.

No shots were seen coming from the Israeli position, no bullets were shown striking the boy, no blood was seen on the father’s shirt, though he was said to have cradled his eviscerated son in his arms, and the boy is seen to move, even to look conspiratorially at the television camera, when he is supposed to have been dead.

View The Second Draft footage below.

Pallywood - Same day, same place. Other footage showing Palestinians staging injuries. (I recommend watching this one first, for context.)

The Death of Mohammed al Dura - The original footage released by France 2, and additional footage questioning the staged death.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

BlogBurst: Mancow - "I'm Gonna Take a Sledge-Hammer To It"

Blogburst logo, petition

Radio talk show host Mancow Muller is asking his listeners to help SHUT DOWN the crescent memorial to Flight 93. (Audio 27 seconds.)

Mancow describes how the giant crescent points to Mecca, and how the four terrorists are consistently placed in the symbolic Islamic heavens (the crescent and star parts of the design), while the 40 heroes are consistently depicted as symbolically damned (placed outside of the symbolic Islamic heavens). Good stuff (1 min, 21 sec).

"You have to see it to understand..." says the pro-war libertarian host, directing his listeners to where they can find pictures like this (a familiar sight for our blogburst readers):

40 tortured souls, 60%

The Tower of Voices. 40 symbolic souls, literally dangling down below an Islamic shaped crescent, soaring in the sky overhead.

Using Islamic symbol shapes invites an Islamic interpretation, and in Islam, if you don't go to heaven, you go to hell (the fate of ALL unbelievers). Forty symbolic souls, never to rest in peace, gonging for eternity in their symbolic Islamic damnation.

Mancow on civil disobedience

Congressman Tancredo was scheduled to come on Tuesday's show, but got stuck in a hearing. Near the end of the show, Mancow says Tancredo will be rescheduled, then he lays it on the line. He thinks his show and his listeners have the power stop this atrocity from being built, but if the crescent memorial does get built, he is going to take a sledghammer to it. They can send him to jail. At that point it won't matter. There are limits to what Americans should stand by for (1 min, 21 sec).

Last week's show was good too, with segments from Tom Burnett Sr. (45 sec) and Alec Rawls (2 min, 49 sec).

(Alec also did an hour long interview with Tracy at No Compromise blog radio last week. To listen, scroll down to May 15th.)

Robert Spencer

An unexpected extra came in the middle of Tuesday's show when Robert Spencer was on to talk about Islam. Mancow asked what Spencer thought about this memorial controversy and Robert stepped up with another piece of the expose, pointing out that the 9/11 date is to be placed on the center line of the giant crescent, in exactly the position of the star on an Islamic crescent and star flag. (43 seconds.)

Exactly right. The date goes to the star on the Islamic flag. The date goes to the terrorists. Graphical proof here ("Terrorist memorializing feature #1".)

With the difficulty of getting just the Mecca orientation across, the discussion almost never reaches these other explosive details. How does Mr. Spencer find the time to be so knowledgeable about so many things? You da MAN Robert!

Pilgrimage to Somerset

When Mancow is able to reschedule the two Tom's, Tom Burnett says he is going to urge listeners who want to visit the memorial to plan for the weekend of August 2nd, when the Memorial Project is scheduled to have its next public meeting. Then they can help protest the crescent design, and anyone can sign up to speak during the public comment period.

Maybe we can even get Mancow to make the pilgrimage, and if Congressman Tancredo will call for a Congressional investigation, we just might be able to ram the food cart through the cockpit door. Just do it baby. Let's roll.

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Monday, May 26, 2008

Muhammad's Quran Radio Interview

Join DC - the most conservative mind on internet radio - for an exclusive interview with MuhammadsQuran! Show starts on Wednesday, May 28th at 8pm EST (replay at 11pm EST and again on Saturday, same times). You can click this link to access the show:

Click Here During Show Times to Listen

Note: If the listen link does not start program, copy and paste into your media player or download a Winamp player.

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All Are Welcome.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Muhammad's Quran - Now In MP3

Parts 1 through 10:
(Note: Some chapters start with a brief silence. Audio should resume around 7 seconds)

free file hosting

More MP3s to follow.

Please visit or for the complete series (so far!).

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Muslims Riot Over Rescue Of Christian Girls

(Hat Tip: King Rob)

Once again, Islam rears its ugly head of hatred and intolerance. Had these girls been Muslims rescued from Christians, the Muslim hordes would have still rioted over the initial kidnappings. Another case of Islam's hypocrisy - do unto others, but if you do unto us, we'll kill you.

NINGI, Nigeria, May 19 (Compass Direct News) – Islamists under the auspices of a paramilitary force last week destroyed six churches to protest a police rescue of two teenage Christian girls kidnapped by Muslims in this Bauchi state town.

Police recovered the two Christian girls, Mary Chikwodi Okoye, 15, and Uche Edward, 14, on May 12 after Muslims in Ningi kidnapped them three weeks ago in an attempt to expand Islam by marrying them to Muslim men. Police took the two girls, who had been under foster care, to safety in southeastern Nigeria where their biological parents live.


Category Error

Do you know what a Category Error is?

A Category Error is a problem that is so poorly defined it becomes impossible to solve. Dan Simmon's Time Traveler explains it well.

The Time Traveler sipped his Scotch and looked at me. He said, “Let me give you an analogy...”

God, I hated and distrusted analogies. I said nothing.

“Let’s imagine,” said the Time Traveler, “that on December eighth, Nineteen forty-one, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt spoke before a joint session of Congress and asked them to declare war on aviation.”

“That’s absurd,” I said.

“Is it?” asked the Time Traveler. “The American battleships, cruisers, harbor installations, Army barracks, and airfields at Pearl Harbor and elsewhere in Hawaii were all struck by Japanese aircraft. Imagine if the next day Roosevelt had declared war on aviation... threatening to wipe it out wherever we found it. Committing all the resources of the United States of America to defeating aviation, so help us God.”

“That’s just stupid,” I said. If I’d ever been afraid of this Time Traveler, I wasn’t now. He was obviously a mental defective.“The planes, the Japanese planes,” I said, “were just a method of attack... a means... it wasn’t aviation that attacked us at Pearl Harbor, but the Empire of Japan. We declared war on Japan and a few days later its ally, Germany, lived up to its treaty with the Japanese and declared war on us. If we’d declared war on aviation, on goddamned airplanes rather than the empire and ideology that launched them, we’d never have...”

I stopped. What had he called it? Category Error. Making the problem unsolvable through your inability – or fear – of defining it correctly.

Read the entire story. It is a message from our future.

Monday, May 19, 2008

UK Police Admit Protecting Radical Muslims

This comes as no surprise - UK police are admitting to protecting radical Muslims, minimizing "honour" killings and ignoring forced Islamic marriages.

The force admitted trying to frame Channel 4 on trumped-up charges of inciting racial hatred.

The row exploded after an undercover C4 Dispatches probe filmed blatant proof of Islamist extremism in Britain’s mosques.

The programme filmed clerics as they preached homophobic threats, anti-Jewish rants and diatribes against women.

It shockingly reinforced MI5 claims that fanatics are stirring dangerous anti-Western sentiment against this country.

Yet instead of acting to protect the citizens of Birmingham — Muslim and non-Muslim alike — the police rubbished the evidence and accused the programme makers of deliberate distortion.


West Midlands Police were caught red-handed putting the interests of the so-called "community" ahead of public safety.

But their failure to impose law and order, protect society and dispense impartial justice is not confined to the Midlands.

In the words of West Yorkshire ex-police chief Keith Hellawell: "This case is symptomatic of a broader set of failings: A loss of nerve, a warped sense of priorities and, in particular, a culture of weak-minded politicisation that should concern us all."

Insidiously, police treat minorities differently to everyone else.

As a result, hate-preaching fanatics are tolerated and protected.

Forced marriages remain common despite Labour’s vehement stance on women’s rights — and pleas for help from entrapped Muslim women. In some groups, "honour" killings are still a way of life and death.

Fed up with our PCs being too PC

You Can't Mention That!

Rush Limbaugh is maintaining a list of all the things you can't talk about when it comes to Barack Hussein "No Middle Name" Obama. Talk about these things, and you are a racist.

We can't talk about his wife, can't talk about his preacher, can't talk about his terrorist friends, can't talk about his voting record, can't talk about his religion.

We can't talk about appeasement.

We can't talk about color; we can't talk about lack of color.

We can't talk about race. We can't talk about bombers and mobsters who are his friends. We can't talk about schooling. We can't talk about his name, "Hussein."

More things about Obama you can't talk about...

Priorities, Priorities, Priorities...

The AP sets its priorities - children dying, news as usual. But reporting the desecration of a Quran and watching a U.S. General BEG for forgiveness - Priceless.

BAGHDAD (AP) - An American soldier used a Quran, the Islamic holy book, for target practice in a predominantly Sunni area west of Baghdad, prompting an apology from the U.S. military, a spokesman said Sunday.

Maj. Gen. Jeffery Hammond responded in the most dhimmi fashion:

"I come before you here seeking your forgiveness. In the most humble manner I look in your eyes today and I say please forgive me and my soldiers."

As if that heartfelt groveling wasn't enough:

The commander also read a letter of apology by the shooter, and another military official kissed a Quran and presented it to the tribal leaders, according to CNN.


Separately, mortar shells slammed into a residential area north of the Iraqi capital, killing at least four people and wounding 30, most children playing outside, officials said Sunday.

But there was no apology for the bloodshed of the children by Islamic insurgents.

Bandaged girls and boys with bloodstained clothes cried as they were packed two to a bed at a hospital in Sadr City, a Shiite stronghold where most of the recent fighting has occurred.

UPDATE: Iraqi leaders refuse to accept the apology. Perhaps a public beheading of the offending soldier would suffice?

the Iraqi Islamic Party -- which said it reacted to the news "with deep resentment and indignation" -- wants the "severest of punishments" for the action to serve as a lesson for the future.

"Such assaults have recurred over the past few years; therefore, the apology alone is no longer sufficient," the party said in a statement. "The U.S. military should take preventative measures considering the feelings of Muslims."

When is America going to grow some balls when it comes to these IslamoFascists?

America Imprisoning Children In Iraq

It seems the U.S. is once again rearing its ugly, racist, fascist head by refusing to allow insurgents to recruit young boys for Jihad duty in Iraq:

A total of 2,500 youths under the age of 18 have been detained, almost all in Iraq, for periods up to a year or more in President George W. Bush's anti-terrorism campaign since 2002, the United States reported last week to the U.N.'s Committee on the Rights of the Child.

Civil liberties groups such as the International Justice Network and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) denounced the detentions as abhorrent, and a violation of U.S. treaty obligations.

But, I suppose, leaving these brainwashed hellions on the battlefields to be killed or used as human shields wouldn't be "abhorrent"... It is much more humane, in the ACLU's opinion, to allow these youngsters to die as martyrs than to find themselves detained in an American detainment camp with 3 squares and a clean bed the Great Satan's prisons of doom and torture.

In the periodic report to the United Nations on U.S. compliance with the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the United States confirmed that "As of April 2008, the United States held about 500 juveniles in Iraq."

"The juveniles that the United States has detained have been captured engaging in anti-coalition activity, such as planting Improvised Explosive Devices, operating as lookouts for insurgents, or actively engaged in fighting against U.S. and Coalition forces," the U.S. report said.

Oh, the shame of being an American these days. Denying these poor young sheep their right to a gruesome and unnecessary martyr's death, and in doing so, denying them their 373,248 virgins in paradise...

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Welcome to Dickipedia!

In case you are having problems figuring out the who's who in the world of dicks, Dickipedia comes to the rescue! A sample entry:

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (born October 28, 1956) is the sixth and current President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the former mayor of Tehran, an outspoken critic of the Bush administration, a zealous opponent of Israel, the apparent owner of several Members Only jackets, and a dick.


In December, 2005, Ahmadinejad called the Holocaust a “myth” and criticized European laws against Holocaust denial. In December 2006, he organized the International Conference to Review the Global Vision of the Holocaust, drawing a sold out crowd of 67 people, including such luminaries as former KKK Imperial Wizard David Duke, and two lonely rabbis from the group Jews United Against Zionism.

(Hat Tip: Opal)

U.N. To Investigate Racism In The U.S.

Keep in mind, this is the same organization that ignores blatant human rights abuses in Muslim countries - abuses such as "honor" killings, slavery, and legal oppression of women - while condemning Israel as being the only violator of women's rights. In a world filled with war, terrorism, intolerance, hatred, plunder, systematic torture & abuses, religious persecution, rape, slaughter, and sanctioned genocidal cleansing, who does the U.N. feel most compelled to investigate? The United States of America.

A special U.N. human rights investigator will visit the United States this month to probe racism, an issue that has forced its way into the race to secure the Democratic Party's presidential nomination.

Now, we have an African American running for the highest office in the United States, arguably the most important position on earth, and the United Nations has the nerve to suggest we are a racist nation.

Why, let's ignore that fact that non-Muslims are forbidden to hold any position of authority, even at a local level, in some Islamic societies. Let's ignore the fact of public lynchings in certain Muslim cities. Never mind that, in Islamic countries, it is perfectly legal to beat a woman, that Muslims routinely burn down churches on a whim with no retribution or punishment, that terrorists are elevated to high government offices by Muslim hordes who support atrocities against and extermination of non-Muslims. Let's just pre-label America "racist" in case voters actually have the audacity to vote based on issues instead of skin colour.

Let us just assume that any American who does not vote for Barack Hussein "No Middle Name" Obama in November is nothing but racist bigot.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Let's Hope Muslims Don't Read This...

It's bad enough their "prophet" raped a nine year old with the excuse she had supposedly reached puberty. By Islamic standards (or lack of), this one year old would be eligible to consumate marriage:

A once-suffering little girl is learning to enjoy life now that a bizarre tumor that caused her to begin menstruating at the age of 14 months has been removed, the New York Times is reporting.

Grace Webster suffered until the age of 3 with a hypothalamic hamartoma or H.H., a benign tumor on the hypothalamus that affects just a few thousand people in the world.

Although the tumor is not malignant, it causes a host of problems including early puberty, symptoms of autism and social maladjustment, and gelastic seizures, also called laughing seizures because of the crooked smile that often accompanies them, according to the report.

Monday, May 12, 2008

True Justice In Iran

Apparently Iran can do some things right. Usually, Iran hangs gays and labels them "rapists." But in this case, it appears the punishment fit the crime:

TEHRAN, Iran — Iran has hanged five men convicted of raping and murdering a young woman, a state-owned newspaper reported Monday.

The men were convicted of kidnapping the woman, raping her and then dousing her with gasoline and burning her alive.

The IRAN newspaper reported Monday that the crime was apparently in revenge for the woman's failure to marry one of the men. Her family opposed the union.

Kosovo Muslims Object to Minority Voting

Kosovo Muslims are objecting to elections which would allow the minority Serbs (non-Muslims) to elect leaders to represent them. For years in rejecting Kosovo independence, Serbia had warned of the erosion of rights and the destruction of democracy. The true agenda of Albanian Muslims in Kosovo is now beginning to reveal itself.

But will the West listen?

PRISTINA, Kosovo-Some 400 ethnic Albanians in Kosovo are protesting Serbia's plans to hold elections in Kosovo.

The protesters were waving Albanian flags while throwing garbage and sprinkling sewage water Friday at Kosovo's government building and the U.N. mission in the capital Pristina.

The protesters blame the United Nations and local institutions for allowing Kosovo's Serb minority to vote in Sunday's local and parliamentary elections. Serbs will be choosing between pro-Western leaders or radical forces that seek closer ties with Russia.

The U.N. has run Kosovo since the war ended in 1999 between ethnic Albanian separatists and Serb troops. Ethnic Albanians leaders declared independence this year.

Albanians protest against voting in Kosovo

Below: A pro-Serbian billboard in Kosovo before ethnic Albanian Muslims succeeded in declaring independence. The large text across the bottom says, "Kosovo is Serbia". The quote at the top right is that of George Washington's: "Now is the time to show if we are free people or slaves."

More Al Salibiyyah posts about Kosovo:

Daniel Fried Interview on Kosovo

Kosovo: Key Dates in the Century Long Goal to Create Greater Albania

John McCain Armed Kosovo Terrorists

Return of the Caliphate

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Anniversary Of A War Started By A Lie

Serbian Muslims Damn Americans, Jews, Deny 9/11

Muslims Condemn Serbia For Defending Itself

Freedom From Death

Kosovo is Serbia

West Supporting Radical Islam

Bombing In Kosovo

Kosovo Muslims: No Talks, Just Give Us What We Demand

The Future of Jihad

Muslim Albanians Demand Right to Dominate Non-Muslims

Holocaust Hero Dies

Irena Sendler, who saved thousand of children by smuggling them out of the Warsaw Ghetto, dies at age 98.

Irena Sendler, aged 98, the saviour of some 2500 Jewish children during the WWII, died in a Warsaw hospital on Monday morning. She was awarded numerous honors in recognition of her activities and was one of the nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007.


'Full-Blooded American' Should Be President

It looks like Barack Hussein "No Middle Name" Obama will be facing some tough challenges in rural America. People in West Virginia, as in many places across our great nation, have questioned Obama's loyalty to this country:

Most people questioned said they mistrusted Mr Obama because of doubts about his patriotism and “values”, stemming from his cosmopolitan background, his exotic name and the controversy surrounding “anti-American” sermons by Jeremiah Wright, his former pastor. Several people said they believed he was a Muslim – an unfounded rumour that has circulated on the internet for months – despite the contradiction with his 20-year membership of Mr Wright’s church in Chicago. Others mentioned his refusal to wear a Stars and Stripes badge and controversial remarks by his wife, Mich­elle, who des­cribed America as “mean” and implied that she had never been proud of the US until her husband ran for president.

Conservative commentators have questioned Mr Obama’s patriotism for months and the issue is expected to be one of the Republicans’ main lines of attack if he wins the nomination. “The American people want a president who loves their country as much as they do,” said Whit Ayres, a Rep­ub­lican strategist. Obama supporters believe patriotism is being used as code to harness racist sentiment.

Josh Fry, a 24-year-old ambulance driver from Williamson, insisted he was not racist but said he would feel more comfortable with Mr McCain, the 71-year-old Vietnam war hero, in the White House. “I want someone who is a full-blooded American as president,” he said.

I don't subscribe to the notion that Obama is a Muslim. It is not impossible, but it is unlikely, in my humble opinion. Still, in this day and age of Islamofascism and daily terrorist attacks being committed by radical Muslims, it would be suicidal to continue our blind, politically correct, assumption of unproven virtue. America is on a downward spiral - not because of the war or claims of racism or economic woes or imperialism or whatever the anti-American cause of the day may be - but because we are too tolerant of a society.

You don't allow uninvited strangers into your home, no matter how nice or useful they seem to be. You protect your home. You keep the bad people out, even if that means keeping some good people out. You don't allow crime to fester outside your door with the mistaken notion that as long as it stays out there, you and your family are safe. No, you tackle the problem of crime within your neighborhoods, your communities, and your cities. That is how we should be protecting our homeland. Whenever and wherever threats arise, they must be contained and tackled.

America needs to be on guard.

Totally unrelated to the Presidential Campaign, when is lying permissible in Islam? Islam Facts has the answer:

Muslims are permitted to lie: (1) to save their lives, (2) to reconcile a husband and wife, (3) to persuade a woman into a bedroom and (4) to facilitate one on his journey. Muslims are even permitted to disavow Islam and Mohammed if it is not a genuine heart-felt rejection. Muslims will tell you that concealment of a truth is not an abandonment of that truth if it benefits Islam.

And from the mouth of Muhammad himself:

"Lying is wrong, except in three things: the lie of a man to his wife to make her content with him; a lie to an enemy, for war is deception; or a lie to settle trouble between people." (Ahmad, 6.459. H)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Women In Iraq Step Up To Defend Their Country

Some good news the mainstream media won't report:

YUSUFIYAH, Iraq — Entisar Yossif Yaqub’s closest brush with the terror that has paralyzed Iraq came a year ago.

She and her husband were on the road when a car full of masked men forced them to pull over. The couple were forced to get into the car with their armed kidnappers, driven to a house and questioned for three hours while blindfolded.

The men accused them of being members of the al-Qaida terror group, and when her blindfold was removed, she saw a long knife sitting on a table next to the Quran.

Their kidnappers eventually let Yaqub and her husband go. But she was furious.

“I want to fight them,” Yaqub said Thursday through a translator. “These people can attack civilians and cause trouble for them. I want to fight back against them.”

That’s why, when the Iraqi army and American soldiers offered her a chance to do something to keep her town safe, she grabbed the chance.

Now — under the guidance of five women soldiers from Fort Bragg — she is learning to supervise the first unit of the Daughters of Iraq.

It’s a program with several aims. One is to provide a force that can work with Iraqi soldiers and police at checkpoints — a force that can search other women without offense in a culture with strong taboos about men touching women. Another is to provide opportunities for women who need the money. And, at least for the American soldiers providing guidance to the Daughters of Iraq, this is a chance to show that Iraqi women can do more than their traditional roles.

The Truth About Islam

This is an 8 video playlist of some of my favorites from

Listen and learn.

Makes Sense...

The patron saint of children, St. Nicholas of Myra (a.k.a Santa Claus) was also the patron saint of pawnbrokers.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Quotable Quotes

"Do you think it strange that there is a Saddam Hussein? Muhammad is his example. Muhammad is an example for all Muslim men. Do you think it strange that so many Muslim men are violent?"

~Ayaan Hirsi Ali

U.S. Most Charitable; Islamic Nations Give Almost Nothing

World Food Program (WFP) internal documents show that the major oil producing nations of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) gives almost nothing to the food organization, even as skyrocketing oil prices and swollen oil revenues contribute to the very crisis that the U.N. claims could soon add 100 million more people to the world’s starving masses.

The overwhelming bulk of the burden in feeding the world’s starving poor remains with the United States and a small group of other predominately Western nations, a situation that the WFP has done little so far to change, even as it has asked for another $775 million in donations to ease the crisis.

Donor listings on WFP’s website show that this year, as in every year since 1999, the U.S. is far and away the biggest aid provider to WFP. Since 2001, U.S. donations to the food agency have averaged more than $1.16 billion annually — or more than five times as much as the next biggest donor, the European Commission.

The U.S. gives more than five times that of the European Commission? How can that be when everyone knows the United States is the "Great Satan" and the biggest terrorist nation on earth?

The Religion of Peace Promotes Justice And Tolerance...

Islam - always a leader in promoting justice and tolerance...

Muslim villagers in Mymensingh district eager to rid the area of the Christian work of a local pastor have gang-raped his 13-year-old daughter, the girl's father said.

Pastor Motilal Das of United Bethany Church said that at around 3 a.m. on Friday (May 2) the villagers sexually assaulted his daughter, Elina Das, and left her unconscious in front of his house in an attempt to drive him and his Christian ministry out of Laksmipur village in Fulbaria sub-district, 120 kilometers (75 miles) north of the capital.

Local residents have long been angry with him for his ministry and evangelism, he said, and he has received death threats.

Fortunately, this child was not a Muslim, else she would have been stoned to death for having the audacity to allow herself to be gang-raped by a bunch of mis-understanders of the religion of Islam.

Allahu achbar!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

A True Hero

CHICAGO — Chicago police say a man died as he tried to shield his four-year-old daughter from an auto allegedly driven by a man under the influence of a controlled substance.

Joseph Richardson was walking his daughter Kaniyah to a McDonald's for burgers late Monday when a car jumped the curb. Police say the 39-year-old Richardson grabbed his daughter just before the car slammed the two into a fence.

Richardson was pronounced dead at the scene. Kaniyah was taken to Comer Children's Hospital in serious condition.

Illinois Father Dies After Shielding Daughter When Car Jumps Curb

Saturday, May 3, 2008

London Votes For Islamophobe

Boris Johnson wins the election. Looks like there is still hope for England after all:

"Boris Johnson would be a disaster for London. He is an Islamophobe who has insulted and condemned Islam and Muslims". So said the Muslims4Ken campaign.

"How YOU can help save us from a Zionist Mayor," campaigned the Muslim Public Affairs Committee.

But the unthinkable has happened. Boris is our mayor.

Muslims4Ken quoted Johnson:

"The proposed ban on incitement to "religious hatred" makes no sense unless it involves a ban on the Koran itself." (Telegraph 21/07/2005)

How can anyone not love the guy? :)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Kosovo Is Jerusalem

The Serbian people have been reduced to only 10% of their original population in Kosovo. Ethnic cleansing against the Serbs began long before the Western press ran their lurid stories of Serbian ethnic cleansing against the Bosnian Muslims. Predictably, the mainstream press ignored the earlier attacks by the Muslims against the Serbs, which first led to the war.

The lesson for Israel is that foreign powers have conspired to strip the expendable Serbs of their ancestral homeland and give it to the Muslims. In doing so, these same western powers believe that by placating and ingratiating themselves with the oil rich Muslim world they enrich their own economies. After all, Serbia does not possess any known oil reserves.

Israel, too, is bereft of meaningful reserves of oil. It too is thus expendable. The pressure upon Israel to give away its own ancestral, historic, spiritual and biblical heartland in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) grows ever relentless and insidious.

Sadly and tragically, there exists no Israeli government or leader at this critical time with the intestinal fortitude and spiritual certitude to adamantly and resolutely resist the cynical and perfidious machinations of western leaders. Israel desperately needs a leader who can talk to the world as Draskovitch once spoke for the Serbian people. Instead Olmert, Livni and Barak call for NATO to patrol the border with Gaza, monitor Judea and Samaria and, heaven forbid, oversee a divided Jerusalem.

Caroline Glick, writing in the Feb 23, 2008 edition of the Jerusalem Post sums up the Israeli government’s terminal confusion thus: "What the Serbs made NATO fight its way in to achieve, Israel is offering NATO on a silver platter." She adds, "...the lessons of Kosovo are clear. Not only should Israel join Russia, Canada, China, Spain, Romania and many others in refusing to recognize Kosovo. It should also state that as a consequence of Kosovo’s independence, Israel rejects the deployment of any international forces to Gaza or Judea and Samaria, and refuses to cede its legal right to sovereignty in Judea, Samaria, Gaza and Jerusalem to international arbitration."

Serbia must be supported by all who still cherish morality over expediency. Historical correctness must in all such cases trump so-called political correctness. As goes Serbia, so goes Israel.

As Goes Serbia, So Goes Israel?

WHO: Israel Doesn't Sacrifice Enough

Israel has always acted in a humanitarian manner. Their hospitals treat all patients equally, without consideration to their nationality, culture, or political background. A terrorist is treated the same as a terrorism victim.

Brigitte Gabriel, who was born and raised in Lebanon, wrote about her first experience at an Israeli hospital:

For the first time in my life I experienced a human quality that I know my culture would not have shown to their enemy. I experienced the values of the Israelis, who were able to love their enemy in their most trying moments.

I spent 22 days at that hospital. Those days changed my life and the way I believe information, the way I listen to the radio or to television. I realized I was sold a fabricated lie by my government, about the Jews and Israel, that was so far from reality.

I knew for fact that, if I was a Jew standing in an Arab hospital, I would be lynched and thrown over to the grounds, as shouts of joy of Allah Akbar, God is great, would echo through the hospital and the surrounding streets.

Thus, the fundamental difference between a civilized culture, and a savage culture. But World Health Organization (WHO) would have you believe that, in protecting itself and its citizens, Israel is somehow behaving in a most uncivilized manner. In 1994, one of the agreements in the Israeli-Palestinian peace accords, the Palestinian Authority assumed responsibility for health services in the West Bank and Gaza. But the P.A. failed its obligation.

Now, according to the WHO, it falls upon Israel to sacrifice its own safety for Palestine's health care. In 2007, Israel treated more than 7,000 Gazans.

According to the WHO, 32 Gazans died between October 2007 and March 2008 while waiting for travel permits.

"WHO believes there is a right for everybody to get health care," said Mahmoud Dahar, the organisation's director in Gaza.

...And apparently, it falls upon Israel to provide that right. No accountability for Palestine's government, which supports terrorism...

But Israel says it has to balance Gaza's humanitarian needs with its own security.

"The Israeli policy is to facilitate all the medical needs for Gaza," said Maj Peter Lerner, spokesman for the Co-ordinator of Activities in the Territories.

"The only reason a permit would be denied is for security concerns."

He says militants have repeatedly tried to exploit Israel's humanitarian policy to carry out attacks in Israel.

In June 2007, two Palestinian women who had received medical entry permits were arrested at the Erez crossing after it was discovered they planned to blow themselves up in an Israeli hospital, Israeli authorities said.

But WHO, much like the U.N., doesn't care about Israel's security. They don't care that, by rejecting one potentially threatening Gazan, dozens of Israeli lives are protected.