Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Computer Messiah

A true story.

A few of my friends know I killed a computer last weekend.

I was working on an older computer, attempting to install an MS-DOS based game, when I greenily decided to plug in a piece of hardware while the machine was still on. A pop and a bright flash signaled the computer's quick demise. For the next few days, I'd push the power button whenever the inclination struck me. Only a silent tower of a metallic void and an eerie empty screen greeted me. For five days I mourned the electronic death of my first, most beloved computer - a Gateyway 2000 original.

In a most eerie coincidence, as I was climbing into bed tonight, I noticed a demonic glow from beneath the blanket that conceals the analogical corpse. I slowly uncovered it, fearing the dread I might reveal. The computer screen glared, "Where is my mouse?" (I had removed the mouse in an emergency transplant which gave another computer some animated life it had previously only known in keyboard clatter.)

With shaking, trembling hands, I returned it's mouse, but I made certain to turn it off first, and rebooted. The Gateway 2000 roared to life, "256 MB OF RAM! I HAVE A HARDDRIVE AND TWO CD DRIVES! I LIVE!!"

My computer had risen from the dead.

Tomorrow I'll format and install MS-DOS 6.22 properly. But for tonight, I can't help but to think I have somehow stumbled upon the Computer Messiah.

(This is what happens when I get into the Tequila!)

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