Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday Funny - MohammedThePig Makes a Friend

From a "peaceful" Muslim:

M1NZY | March 14, 2008
oi bastard bitch, im gna b serious with u. im want 2 ttel u story.
one day ur dad got bitch slapped 2 death by dem muslim kids n ur mum cudnt make it 2 da funaral because she was realy busy with work aka brothel. she was fuking sum arab guy 4 a slice of bread. she lyks 2 get fukd and is available 24/7, just contact this page . i know its funny, her own son looks after the family business. he sometimes videos hez mum gettin fukd by sum faat blak mans dik. dont worry its not wrong, hez frm da US. hez dad sed 2 him b4 he died, " son, after i am gone, i want u to sexually satisfy ur mother"
so now he likes 2 suk hez mum

i hope u get da meaning of da comment
piss be upon u

MohammedthePig responds:

MohammedthePig | March 16, 2008
M1NZY - thank you for that most enthralling story. Not many peoples know the true childhood of mohammed (peace be upon me). Thank you for setting the record straight.

Peoples always tell me muslimes have no imagination and no story-telling abilities, but you, my friend & swinehammadan, have proved them wrong.

Allahu achbar!

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