Sunday, March 9, 2008

More AP Photo Manipulations

Brian at SnappedShot directs readers to Honest Reporting Canada which is exposing Canada's Globe and Mail for using misleading and crafted pictures in it's stories about Israel:

Globe and Mail readers opened up their morning newspaper yesterday in utter shock and dismay.

A large photo (5 columns inches in length, above the fold, and on page A15) showed an Israeli soldier apparently aiming his weapon in the direction of a Palestinian toddler in a stroller.

It would be wholly unthinkable for an Israeli soldier to point a weapon directly at a baby, even more so in the immediate vicinity of a press photographer. Indeed, a closer examination of this photo reveals how clever positioning on the part of the photographer captures a particular angle and context. Thus, the soldier, his weapon and the baby are the primary focus while we do not see who is pushing the stroller or any of the surroundings in the area that the IDF is patrolling. The soldier is not even pointing his weapon at the baby. The photo is deliberately manipulative and selective in what it shows and what it does not show.

There was no relation between the photo and the story that appeared alongside it, about U.S. Secretary of State Condolezza Rice’s shuttle diplomacy to the Mideast to restore peace talks. - Special Report: Globe and Mail Must Apologize

This is the type of media manipulation SnappedShot was exposing before the Associated Press threated litigious retaliation. It is also the reason fair-minded bloggers need to rally around Brian at, and help him to keep exposing the AP for what it is - an anti-Semitic, pro-Islamic propaganda organization.

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