Friday, May 9, 2008

The Religion of Peace Promotes Justice And Tolerance...

Islam - always a leader in promoting justice and tolerance...

Muslim villagers in Mymensingh district eager to rid the area of the Christian work of a local pastor have gang-raped his 13-year-old daughter, the girl's father said.

Pastor Motilal Das of United Bethany Church said that at around 3 a.m. on Friday (May 2) the villagers sexually assaulted his daughter, Elina Das, and left her unconscious in front of his house in an attempt to drive him and his Christian ministry out of Laksmipur village in Fulbaria sub-district, 120 kilometers (75 miles) north of the capital.

Local residents have long been angry with him for his ministry and evangelism, he said, and he has received death threats.

Fortunately, this child was not a Muslim, else she would have been stoned to death for having the audacity to allow herself to be gang-raped by a bunch of mis-understanders of the religion of Islam.

Allahu achbar!

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