Monday, May 12, 2008

True Justice In Iran

Apparently Iran can do some things right. Usually, Iran hangs gays and labels them "rapists." But in this case, it appears the punishment fit the crime:

TEHRAN, Iran — Iran has hanged five men convicted of raping and murdering a young woman, a state-owned newspaper reported Monday.

The men were convicted of kidnapping the woman, raping her and then dousing her with gasoline and burning her alive.

The IRAN newspaper reported Monday that the crime was apparently in revenge for the woman's failure to marry one of the men. Her family opposed the union.


Anonymous said...

Hi firstly I would like to apriciate your affort for the investigation you did from koran.

I agree whole heartedly that not only islam, but each and every riligion on this earth are man made. all the riligions are iqually true or fall. I think we have to make our thinking little broad. If we investigate some thing with preocupide mind, then our investigation is one sided so un justifide. iF YOU WANT TO DISCUSS PLEASE CONTACT ME ON

Godefroi said...

Even a blind squirrel...


DMartyr said...

...or a broken clock?