Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Yeah, Let's Give These People a State, Too...

Kosovo's Muslim separatist Prime Minister Hashim Thaci refused to apologize for crimes committed against Serbs in 1999 while he was a leader of the Kosovo Liberation Army. Over two thirds of Kosovo's Serb Christians population has been either murdered or expelled by Thaci's forces.

"We have made all achievements together with help from the international community," remarked Thaci when asked at a press conference in the Caglavica Media Centre as to whether he felt guilty of crimes committed against Serbs and whether he would apologize at the beginning of his term.

Thaci added that he was very proud of his past and the past of his people, who, together with NATO, had achieved their goal.

Allahu akbar, and all that... He killed his share of Infidels assuring his place in paradise. Why shouldn't he be proud of his "achievements"?

Thaci's colleagues are currently on trial for war crimes:

A prosecutor at the Yugoslav war crimes tribunal said he had "overwhelmingly proved" that Kosovo's former prime minister and two other former Kosovo Liberation Army fighters were guilty of murder, torture, rape and persecution of Serb civilians and called for them to be imprisoned for 25 years.

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