Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Let's Hope Muslims Don't Read This...

It's bad enough their "prophet" raped a nine year old with the excuse she had supposedly reached puberty. By Islamic standards (or lack of), this one year old would be eligible to consumate marriage:

A once-suffering little girl is learning to enjoy life now that a bizarre tumor that caused her to begin menstruating at the age of 14 months has been removed, the New York Times is reporting.

Grace Webster suffered until the age of 3 with a hypothalamic hamartoma or H.H., a benign tumor on the hypothalamus that affects just a few thousand people in the world.

Although the tumor is not malignant, it causes a host of problems including early puberty, symptoms of autism and social maladjustment, and gelastic seizures, also called laughing seizures because of the crooked smile that often accompanies them, according to the report.


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