Monday, May 12, 2008

Kosovo Muslims Object to Minority Voting

Kosovo Muslims are objecting to elections which would allow the minority Serbs (non-Muslims) to elect leaders to represent them. For years in rejecting Kosovo independence, Serbia had warned of the erosion of rights and the destruction of democracy. The true agenda of Albanian Muslims in Kosovo is now beginning to reveal itself.

But will the West listen?

PRISTINA, Kosovo-Some 400 ethnic Albanians in Kosovo are protesting Serbia's plans to hold elections in Kosovo.

The protesters were waving Albanian flags while throwing garbage and sprinkling sewage water Friday at Kosovo's government building and the U.N. mission in the capital Pristina.

The protesters blame the United Nations and local institutions for allowing Kosovo's Serb minority to vote in Sunday's local and parliamentary elections. Serbs will be choosing between pro-Western leaders or radical forces that seek closer ties with Russia.

The U.N. has run Kosovo since the war ended in 1999 between ethnic Albanian separatists and Serb troops. Ethnic Albanians leaders declared independence this year.

Albanians protest against voting in Kosovo

Below: A pro-Serbian billboard in Kosovo before ethnic Albanian Muslims succeeded in declaring independence. The large text across the bottom says, "Kosovo is Serbia". The quote at the top right is that of George Washington's: "Now is the time to show if we are free people or slaves."

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