Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Welcome to Bizarro World

Unbelievable. The Hollywood left has taken up the cause of Serbia against Islamic militants! Hell hath frozen.

Hollywood stars George Clooney and Sharon Stone plan to mobilize their star collegues against the unilateral declaration of independence by the Islamic separatists of the Serbian province of Kosovo reports International Radio Serbia, media owned by the government of Serbia.

"With my coworker and friend Sharon Stone and her childhood friends of Serbian ancestry, I'll soon organize a protest against the attempts to grant independence to Kosovo," Colony [sic] is quoted as saying to the Frankfurt media.


Kosovo is a Serbian province that is under siege by Islamic Albanian separatist militants who demand independence after they ethnically and religiously cleansed the area of Christian Serbs. Separatists have warned that they will go off on a violent rampage against the UN peacekeepers in the province and the remaining Serbs in case the world community does not comply to their violent demands for independence.


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We need a new Vlad Tepes. Or several.