Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Muslims Being Deported From Christian Nation

Um... Not really. It's actually Christians being deported from Jordan.

But as Muslims often try to portray Islam as a religion of love and peace that tolerates other faiths, I thought this article might shed some light on that myth:

Jordan has increased pressure on foreign Christians living in the kingdom, expelling many long-time residents over the past 13 months in what local churches see as an attack on their legitimacy.

Authorities deported or refused residence permits to at least 27 expatriate Christian families and individuals in 2007, a number of them working with local churches or studying at a Christian seminary, Compass has confirmed.

In all but one case, officials refused to provide written explanations for the decisions. But many of those expelled told Compass that they had been questioned by intelligence officers regarding evangelism of Muslims.

“They said that I am a threat to Jordanian security and I am making the society unstable,” said Hannu Lahtinen, a Finnish pastor deported last month. “They have a thousand ways to say you are preaching the gospel.”

Though not illegal, Christian “public proselytism” of Muslims is against government policy, according to the U.S. State Department’s annual report on religious freedom in Jordan.


We are often told by Muslims how non-Muslims "flourished" under Islamic rule. They confuse the word "flourish" with "survive". Non-Muslims have never excelled under Muslim rule. They are kept in a state of perpetual fear and subjugation. This is not only to prevent them from gaining any sort of political power or personal wealth, but also to slowly squeeze them out of existence.

Muslims can freely attempt, even by force, to convert non-Muslims. However, non-Muslims cannot, in anyway, even peacefully, encourage a Muslim to convert to Christianity.

As the Muslim population increases, non-Muslim populations in Islamic societies decrease. That is the peaceful solution of the Islamic prophet Muhammad to rid the world of non-Muslims.

Of course, the only other option is to kill them.

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