Sunday, January 20, 2008

Variety Promotes Jihadis Website

(Hat Tip: Jawa Report)

Variety has published a disturbing article almost praising a terrorist website that glorifies "Juba" the Baghdad sniper:

The group posts clips almost daily, and its greatest media creation is Juba, a mythical marksman who is shown shooting U.S. soldiers and Iraqi policemen from a high-powered rifle fitted with a silencer -- and a video camera.

In the latest video -- posted at [Edited by Al Salibiyyah] -- one sequence shows the marksman taking aim at the silhouette of a soldier in the window of a concrete watchtower. A shot rings out and the body collapses like a puppet, and then falls from view.

The treacherous reporter, Bryan Pearson, not only plugs a terrorist website (which I have censored in the article quote above so as not to further promote those Islamic pigs), but almost gloats at the demise of an American "puppet."

I wouldn't be surprised if some terrorist organization had Bryan's phone number on speed dial...

You can email Byran at if you wish to express your concern that his liberal stupidity is aiding the enemy.

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