Friday, January 11, 2008

Are Moderate Muslims Cowards?

Moderate Muslims follow a fraction of Islamic teachings. Unknowingly, They have reformed Islam to a great length. For some Muslims it’s a culture rather than a religion. It’s fortunate that all Muslims do not act as Talibians. Their conscious and liberal mind grasps only the good part of the religion. They neither have the courage to follow true Islam nor they have the courage to stand up and reject Islam as a whole. They do not have the courage to follow true Islam because some of the teachings are violent, some are unrealistic and some are inappropriate. They can not reject Islam because they were born in a Muslim family, taught to fear the hellfire and they have the greed to go to a fantasyland called heaven. They are afraid to break the wall and scared to think differently. ARE THEY COWARD?

Dear moderate Muslim brothers and sisters, Please wake up. Take some time, Read Quran and ahadith by yourself. Don’t depend on opportunist clerics, use your own judgement and let’s prosper.

Excerpt from article by Sher Khan at Rational Thinking

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