Monday, January 14, 2008

The Muslim Boys: Coming Soon To A Town Near You

Family Security Matters contributor Adrian Morgan reports on a disturbing trend in the UK:

On Wednesday January 4, 2006 a black mother gave evidence at an inquest. At Southwark Coroners Court in southeast London, Ruth Marriott spoke of the last days of her son Adrian Marriott. He had been an accountancy student, but was also a gang member, belonging to the Peel Den Crew. He had been shot five times in the head on June 8, 2004, a few weeks before his 21st birthday. His body was found in parkland off Barrington Road in Brixton.

52-year old Ruth Marriott told the inquest: "We heard the shooting. We heard gun fire. The thought did strike me that Adrian could be involved, but it was a fleeting thought. Then we heard from police the following evening what had happened. Adrian was told on the Sunday prior to his death that he would be killed if he did not become a Muslim by the Wednesday, which was the day he died."

Britain's Muslim Gang Culture: Coming Soon to a Town Near You? (Part 1 of 3)

This article can also be located at the Western Resistance Blog.

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