Sunday, January 20, 2008

'God Bless Atheism'

Meet Pat Condell. You may have seen his videos at LiveLeak and at YouTube. If not, get over to one or the other and check them out. Pat also has a webpage (linked below) worth a visit. Perfect reading for a Sunday afternoon.

Actually, my problem is not with God, but with God’s little helpers, the ones who take it upon themselves to police the rest of us on his behalf.

These people give religion a bad name, which, given its history, takes some doing.

They wear their ignorance as a badge of honour, and they hold very strong opinions about what other people should think.

A few jokes about RELIGION before it kills us all

Here's a sample of Pat's video commentary:

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SoteriA said...

When it comes to Islam, Pat is dead on. I could care less that he is a atheist [and that I am a Christian]...because we are BOTH fighting for the same right of personal freedoms to choose our own destiny. Biblical Christianity is a not a fascist religion by any means, "whoever comes..." means free will choice by invitation. If Pat chooses to reject the bible, in the world I want to live in...he is free to do so even if my beliefs say God will judge Him after he dies [of old age].