Thursday, January 3, 2008

London To Get Muslim Mayor

Livingstone: Backed by Muslim community

Johnson: Proud Muslim background

Paddick: "London is a better place because it has a strong Muslim community."

Losers: British non-Muslims.


SIREN said...

"...protecting Muslim communities against racism and Islamophobia"

What is Livingstone saying here? What about all the terror attacks and the plots from Muslims living in the UK? Did he forget about the London terror attacks?

And then he has the audacity to say:

"One of my proudest achievements is that over the last seven years racist attacks in London have fallen by almost 60%."

This guy pisses me off so much.
You know I really do hope they build the megamosque and blow it up during one of their 5 am prayers. Of course it would have to look like an accident...

Muslims have been playing the victim game far to long.

DMartyr said...

About the 'racist attacks' - same here as in London, they never specify which race is victimize, or which is the perpetrator. Most racial attacks are against Jews, not Muslims.

But as you say, the Muslims always have to play the victim. It's just another tactic to gain a stronger foothold to impose Islam.