Friday, January 25, 2008

No Surprise: "Moderate" Muslim Officials Secretly Aid Jihadists

As I wrote in an earlier post, The Future of Jihad, what we have seen in Kosovo during the late 1990s is a perfect, small scale model of what we've seen - and can expect - from the current, world-wide Jihad against the West.

Using Serbia as an example, we have to realize this modern day Jihad began years ago - before 9/11. So-called "moderate" Muslims have already positioned themselves to help further the cause of Islam. They are in our government, working at our ports, involved in our security, patrolling our borders, advising our leaders...

The danger of allowing such infiltration is now too apparent in our model Jihad. Bosnia has suffered greatly. Radical Muslims rampage freely, dominating and killing non-Muslims at will. They have committed genocide and ethnic cleansing, and facing few, if any, consequences. They have so saturated parts of Serbia, they have become the majority and now seek to declare an independent Islamic state.

Why can't we learn?

Bosnia prosecutors said Thursday they were investigating local officials suspected of having granted citizenships to hundreds of Islamic fighters during the 1992-95 war.

"It had already been established that some citizenships were granted illegally, but we are looking for elements of criminal responsibility" among officials, said Boris Grubesic, a spokesman for the state prosecutors' office.

"We are looking into officials who worked in relevant institutions at the time when these citizenships were being granted," Grubesic told AFP. - Bosnian Muslim officials investigated for issuing Jihad passports

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