Monday, January 7, 2008

Give 'Em An Inch...

I've been keeping readers updated on the events of Kosovo. Ethnic Albanians, i.e. Muslims, have so saturated parts of Serbia they are demanding the right to secede and dominate non-Muslims in the area.

Now, as Western allies protect and defend convicted Islamic terrorists, Muslims eye surrounding territories to expand Islamic state in southern Europe.

As it can be understood, the Albanian nationalists are mainly interested in creating a larger state by encompassing all Albanian minorities in the neighboring states. Inevitably that means conflicts across the Balkans for years to come, and it is puzzling how the international community is not interested enough to control the aims of the Albanians that first and foremost put in danger the European prospects of the whole of the region.

Just a few days ago, Nait Hasani member of PDK Presidency called towards the goal of a greater Albania. “First there should be supervised independence as proposed by Ahtisaari. But it is known that Kosovo and Albania citizens are one nation who want to live in one state," Hasani is quoted as having told a Polish paper. It is interesting to have a glance of the bio of this individual that proposes a blunt border change.

In 1997, Hasani was sentenced to 20 years in prison for murder of 3 Serbs in Decani and an attempted murder of the Dean of the Pristina University Radivoje Popovic, an ethnic Serb. In 2002, Serbian government gave Hasani an amnesty for the killings. Hasani is quoted of saying that the amnesty was a result of the pressure exerted by the Albanian "allies the USA". Today, Hasani is a member of the Kosovo Albanian government.

This is how Islam intends to spread itself. Muslims will saturate one area and then slowly expand. Any resistance is met with the threat of violence or the open slaughter of non-Muslims. The Serbs, living in their own country, live in fear for their lives. The West is preventing Serbia from protecting its citizens, which it tried to do in the late 1990's.

The History of Jihad states it well:

This was so, as in no time in Human history had any invader been so inhuman, like the Muslims. But once the Byzantine Christians had gauged their adversary as sub-human schizophrenic savages that they were, the Christians returned every barbarity with equally ferocity. The same was true for the Spanish Christians (Visigoths) who were first overrun by the Moors in 711. After the Muslim subterfuge they were victims of in the battle of Guadelete in Southern Spain, and the grisly sight of the head of their King Roederic (Rodrigo) being stuck on a spear and paraded before the Christian soldiers to break their spirit, the Spanish too learnt the kind of beastly enemy they faced in the Muslims. And they returned the favour to the Muslims in equal measure during the Reconquista. In fact the Reconquista, the Inquisition, and the Crusades all were a result of this unnervingly brutal experience of the Europeans at the hands of the beastly Jihadis.

Those who did not learn this lesson were to be extinct as were the Christians of North Arabia, Sinai, Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Anatolia (Turkey), North Africa, Nubia, (North Sudan), as also the Zoroastrians of Iran, Baluchistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, the Buddhists of Afghanstan, Chinese Turkestan (Xinkiang), Kazakastan, the Hindus of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kashmir, the nature and idol worshipping Arabs of Saudi Arabia, and many other unnamed people who are extinct today and whose descendants survive as robots trapped in the mental prison of Islam.

The Serbs under Milosevic, only tried to reclaim what was historically originally theirs in the only way possible with the Muslim - with that of blood and death. The Muslims understand no other language. If humanity and our civilization are to be emancipated from the Muslim threat, then the only way out is to match and outmatch the Muslims at their gameplan, in their methods of war, in their cruelty, their pervasiveness, persistence, foresight, deception, subterfuge, hate for the adversary and all other departments of the war.

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