Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Family Affair

Yet again, the religion of peace prefers to send their children to die, rather than living in peace with the infidels...

BAGHDAD — His father was a senior member of Al Qaeda in Iraq. His mother promised him they would meet again in paradise.

Details emerging in the investigation into a teenage suicide bombing near Fallujah on Sunday suggest the boy was dispatched by his family on the mission and took advantage of tribal ties to pass through tight security — raising concerns about infiltration within Sunni groups now allied with U.S. forces against extremists.

It also points to concerns that Al Qaeda and its backers are still committed to campaigns of revenge and intimidation against fellow Sunnis even as insurgents try to regroup after being driven from strongholds across central Iraq.

The 15-year-old attacker was carrying a box of candy at a gathering of tribal members to celebrate the recent release of a relative, Hadi Hussein, who had been let go after more than a week in U.S. custody, officials said. Hussein, his brother and four guards were killed in the blast.


I found this part of the article particularly amusing, considering the savage way 'Islamic societies' treat women with beatings and kill them if they don't 'behave':

The suicide attacker's mother — along with another woman believed by Iraqis to be another potential suicide bomber — took refuge in two houses in the area with other women from their clan. They have refused to come out despite orders by authorities via loudspeakers, prompting a standoff.

Authorities were hesitant to storm the buildings due to cultural sensitivities regarding use of force against women in a conservative Islamic society.

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