Thursday, January 3, 2008

Albanian Muslims Threaten Violence If Demands Are Not Met

Muslims throughout the world have discovered violence, and the threat of violence, is the easiest, most effective way to achieve their goals. Non-Muslims are quick to appease for the sake of peace. Only that may lead to their own destruction.

Eight houses owned by Serbs have been attacked in Kosovo on the first day in the New Year, reports FoNet news agency.

Kosovo and Metohija Coordinating Center says that the attacks have been synchronized and focused on a Serbian enclave of Kosovska Mitrovica in northern Kosovo.

One Serb house was set on fire and seven others were stoned. A home owned by Radovan Lazic was set ablaze just after the arrival of the New Year. The house is no longer usable.

Kosovo Serbs are habitually targeted by the Albanian Muslim extremists across the Kosovo province. Later in the New Year day, a Serb bank was blown up in a bombing attack in Kosovo.

Kosovo is a Serbian province, administered by UN since 1999, where Muslim Albanians are a majority by ethnically and religiously cleansing the Christians out of a province in order to make an ethnically and religiously pure Muslim Albanian state. Separatist Muslims have warned repeatedly that they will turn to violence if they do not get independence.

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