Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Indonesia: Islam To Blame For Child Abuse

(Hat Tip: Jihad Watch)

Yet even more reason to embrace the religion of peace...

The National Committee for Child Protection says Islam is most responsible for the abuses of children in Indonesia today:

Mulyadi also explained that many [Muslim] parents view their children as possessions.

“Parents feel superior and think they can treat their children however they want, thinking it is for the sake of their future or education.”

According to a new report by KPAI, an estimated 72,000 Indonesian children were abused last year, either physically, sexually or mentally, and most of the violence was carried out by parents or relatives.

KPAI’s report shows that 447,294 children are living in the street, 42,771 are being exploited sexually in a commercial manner, 232,726 have dropped out of school and 721,615 are employed as workers.

The report also highlights how children’s rights are excluded from government plans, even though Indonesia has signed the UN Convention on Child Rights, which calls for it to uphold children’s rights.

Although most of the abuse happens in poor, uneducated families, Mulyadi explained that abuse also happens in wealthy homes.

KPAI is seeking a ministry for child rights and using media to teach parents to be more affectionate.

However, Mulyadi said that, most importantly, the culture needs to change their perception of children and lift the cultural taboo that contributes to abuse in the archipelago.

“Many parents think that reporting incidents will bring shame to the family, especially if it involves sexual abuse,” he said.


Yeah, we wouldn't want reported child abuse and sexual exploitation to bring shame to a Muslim family. Then the child would have to be slaughtered in order to protect the family's good honor...

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