Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Taliban Fedayeen: The World's Worst Suicide Bombers?

An analysis of the attacks carried out in the last two years reveals a curious fact. In 43% of the bombings conducted last year and in 26 of the 57 bombings traced in this study up to June 15, the only death caused by the bombing was that of the bomber himself. Astoundingly, approximately 90 suicide bombers in this two year period succeeded in killing only themselves. This number exceeds 100 when you factor in those who succeeded in killing only one person in addition to themselves. There was one period in the spring of 2006 (February 20 to June 21) when a stunning 26 of the 36 suicide bombers in Afghanistan (72%) only killed themselves. This puts the kill average for Afghan suicide bombers far below that of suicide bombers in other theaters of action in the area (Israel, Chechnya, Iraq and the Kurdish areas of Turkey). Such unusual bomber-to-victim death statistics are, of course, heartening for both coalition troops—who have described the Afghan suicide bombers as "amateurs"—and the Afghan people—who are usually the victims of the clumsy bombings.

Personally, I'm all for suicide bombings if the only victim is the bomber himself (or herself). If you are a Mujahideen who wants to remove yourself from the human gene pool, I wish you all the luck.

Just leave the rest of the world alone when you do.

UPDATE: Matt over at The Carden Chronicles has a hilarious post about another wascally suicide bomber helpfully removing himself from the human gene pool.


Anonymous said...

Well...a suicide bombing attack where only the insane, fanatical, radical, muslim dies? Sounds like a plan to me.

Can we get them to do it in groups of 10 or more?


DMartyr said...

You mean like a 'suicide buddie'?

Works for me. The more the merrier.