Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Muslim Police Officers Arrested Over Kosovo Blast

To protect and serve, but only if you are Muslim...

Serbia-Authorities in Kosovo arrested two policemen and a member of an emergency force Monday over an explosion that left two dead and 11 injured last year, officials said.

The three, who were not identified by name, are suspected of planting an explosive device targeting a coffee shop in a central shopping mall in the provincial capital, Pristina.

One of the suspects is a member of the Kosovo Protection Corps, a civil emergency force mostly made of former guerrillas that fought Serbia in the 1998-99 separatist war. Police said more arrests were to follow. No motive for the attack was given.

The September blast, one of the most powerful in Pristina since the war, destroyed four shops and brought down part of the building. It followed the killing of a policeman in a nearby parking lot.

After the blast, police ransacked one of the shops in the mall and arrested several ethnic Albanians suspected of involvement in the shooting.

Notice the last paragraph above? The blast allegedly committed by Muslims against non-Muslims was in retaliation for the shooting - also committed by Muslims. (Ethnic Albanians are predominantly Muslims)

Yet another case of the religion of perpetual outrage attacking innocent people for the actions of Muslims themselves.

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